Course Book of Aquaponics

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Year of Publication : 2019

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About The Book

The Aquaponics is the only farming system that guarantees food security for the present and the future generations. It is environmental friendly and economically viable technology, not only for the developing, but also for the developed countries of our planet. This technology has the advantages like economic benefits, community upliftment, most adaptable farming method, food security, environmentally friendly, reduces the reliance on the traditional supply chain, market loyalty, green education for farming in peri-urban and urban areas, less time-consuming and can produce premium quality food. It is the technology of the development and would bring green revolution in the 21st century. In draught-prone areas, it is the 'Oasis in Desert'.

This Course Book will help in training farmers as well as teaching students right from high schools, colleges, institutions and universities. It would help the policy makers, corporators, government administrators and NGOs.

Aquaponic system design and application can be considered as a highly multidisciplinary approach drawing from environmental, mechanical and civil engineering design concepts as well as aquatic and plant related biology, biochemistry and biotechnology. A farmer must know the automatic control and computer science education to run the sustainable aquaponic farm for more profit.

This book will be useful for courses in agriculture, environmental science, biology, life science, mechanical and civil engineering design concepts as well as to aquatic, plant related biology, microbiology, biochemistry and biotechnology, computer science, commerce, economics and social sciences.


Contents -

1. Introduction
2. Aquaponic Systems
3. The Science of Plant Growth
4. Nutrition and Controlling Growth
5. Selecting and Managing Animal Production, Fish and Crustaceans
6. Plant Culture
7. Green House Management
8. Management of Aquaponic Farms
9. Problems and Solutions in Aquaponic Farming
10 Socio-ecological and Economic Challenges of Aquaponic System
11 Marketing the Aquaponic Products

About The Author

Dr. D.K. Belsare, M. Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc. F.N.A.Sc., F.Z.S.I is the Former Professor of Bioscience, Barkatullah University Bhopal. He was post-doctoral fellow in Baylor College of Medicine Houston, UNEP Fellow, National Academy Science Fellow, Zoological Society Fellow, Advisory Member for Apipol Company Krakow Poland, Director Environmental Planning & Coordination Organization, Bhopal, Advisor Disaster Management Institute, Bhopal, Member Technical Committee, Fish Culture Center of CIFE at Powarkheda, Member of Technical Committee on Wildlife Madhya Pradesh etc and was teaching post-graduate classes for 30 years, He published more than 160 papers in scientific journals. He has written books on (i) Tropical Fish farming, (ii) Introduction to Biodiversity, (iii) Hydrology and Hydrobiology of Rivers & Streams of Indian Subcontinent, (iv) Bee-keeping for Livelihoods and Health, (v) Vanishing Roar of Bengal Tigers and contributed chapters in many books.

He traveled in European Countries, Malayasia and U.S.A. and attended nearly 170 symposia, conferences and seminars at National and International level.

For his distinguished scientific contributions, he was awarded University Gold Medal, Zoological, Society Gold Medal, 20th Century Gold Medal, Zoological Conference Gold Medal, and Best Senior Indian Scientist Gold Medal. His life time research is mainly focused on hormones, aquaculture, water management, wildlife biology and management and biodiversity conservation.

Dr. Mrs. Shashikala D. Belsare, M.Sc., Ph.D. is the former Professor of Biochemistry and Head of the Department of Bioscience, Barkatullah University, Bhopal. She received Life-time Research Award and Gold Medal for her outstanding research on drugs and environmental chemicals at the hands of Dr. Mrs Saxena, General Secretary, Indian Science Congress in 2016 at Chennai. Dr. Belsare did her research in Baylor College of Medicine and M.D. Anderson Institute Houston (Texas U.S.A.), Pharmacy Department of Nagpur University, Technical University Dresden (Germany) and Bioscience Department of Barkatullah University, Bhopal. She also won several awards for her research in the past, like Globally reputed Vijay Ratan Award for excellence in science & technology & lifetime achievement in economic growth & national integration 2005, Global Glory Gold Medal Institute of National Integration New Delhi 2005, 20th Century Gold Medal & Eminent Scientist Award during National Conference on "Vision 21st Century" held on 28-31st December 2002, organized by Bangalore University, Bangalore (Karnataka).

*Award for best plenary lecture delivered at All India Symposium on Recent Trends in Life Science organized by Amravati University, Amravati (Maharashtra) on 16-19 November 2002. She held several positions like Dean of Life Science Faculty Barkatullah University, Rawatpura Sarkar University Gwalior and Member of UGC Committee and UPSC Delhi.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, M.Sc., D.F.Sc., Ph.D. (Israel), FZSI, FIAES, F.S.L.Sc, FIASN, F.N.A.Sc, FIFSI is consultant of the World Bank of UNIFAO, Bangaladesh and Nigeria. And has expertise in Shrimp Farming and Hatchery Management Fish Nutrition and Diseses and ornamental in fisher, pal culture.

He has published more than 175 research papers and authored 37 book chapters and attended nearly 200 Symposia, Conferences and Seminars at National and International. For his distinguished scientific contributions, he was awarded Gold Medal, Zoological, Society, Indian Academy of Environmental Science, Indian Academy of Science & Nature. (FOREIGN SECRETARY, ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF INDIA).

Mr. A.T.V. Ramana, is doing as Aqua Consultant and Aqua Business since 1995. He is a zoological society of India member and recently Z.S.I. has given gold medal for contribution to Aquaculture and also have fellowship in society of Life Science [F.S.L.Sc] and Fellowship of Indian Academy of Environmental Science [F.I.A.E.S]. He is very much interested in sharing his knowledge with farmers by way of conducting seminars for raising their morale and confidence in doing aquaculture and believes in motivating the technicians and farmers filling them with enthusiasm and for their success and industry growth. He visited several countries as Aqua Consultant to share and gain knowledge. He has given paper presentations in different countries in different seminars Reg. Aquaculture in national and international level.

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