DEMONETISATION: From Deprivation to Destitution

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Year of Publication : 2018

No. Of Pages : 98

About The Book

This microbook visibilises via lived reality analysis the ramifications of demonetisation on various facets of the lives, labour and livelihoods of the marginalised, specifically construction workers, both men and women. The impacts of Notebandi are estimated and quantified in measurable terms, combined with the articulation of people's testimonies based on their experiences, struggles and coping strategies affected specifically by demonetisation. The push given by Notebandi to the intensification of the process of economic and extra-economic deterioration from deprivation to destitution is captured through three phases: the pre-demonetisation reality, the first few months after November 2016 to identify the immediate repercussions and the post-demonetisation phase in order to unravel the long-term and irreversible consequences.


Contents -

1. Introduction
2. Methodology and Area of Research
3. Ground Evidence
I. Introduction
II. Demographics
III. Financial Inclusion
IV. Employment and Income Patterns
V. Expenditure
VI. Savings and Borrowings
4. Conclusion
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About The Author

Ritu Dewan, the first woman Director of the Department of Economics, University of Mumbai, was President of the Indian Association for Womens Studies. She has published widely on development issues, gender economics, rural and urban labour markets, displacement, conflict studies, etc. and is a consultant to several national and international organisations, as well as state governments specially on gendering macroeconomic policies. Her research focus is generally the result of the issues related to the marginalised.

Radha Sehgal, after completing her Masters from the Department of Economics, University of Mumbai, Radha Sehgal taught Economics at SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce for two years. She worked for more than three years as a Research Associate in the Centre for Development Research and Action. Her specialisations are Human Development and Gender, as well as Urban and Labour Economics. She is currently working as Programme Officer at ActionAid, Mumbai.

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