Analytical Chemistry (Mumbai Univ)

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2018

No. Of Pages : 140

About The Book

This book has been written keeping in mind the revised syllabus and related requirements of M.Sc. students, which can help them to perform their experiments efficiently. Most prominent feature of this book is that it provides a comprehensive approach to the theoretical and practical aspects of Analytical Chemistry in a simple way. The beauty of the book is embossed in the fact that the authors have tried their best to keep language simple, which a postgraduate student can understand. The procedure and observations are given pointwise which makes it easier to prepare the topics even for viva-voce. The details of all calculations and solution preparation are given in details.

By referring the book, the students can perform the experiments confidently. We indeed are very glad to launch this first practical handbook for M.Sc. Part – II (Sem. III and IV) Analytical students.


Contents -

Group – A
1. Determination of the pK Value of an Indicator
2. Determination of Copper and Bismuth in Mixture by Photometric Titration
3. Estimation of Strong Acid, Weak Acid and Salt in the Given Mixture Conductometrically
4. Analysis of Mixture of Carbonate and Bicarbonate using pH-metry
5. Determination of Copper by Extractive Photometry using Diethyldithiocarbamate
Group – B
1. Estimation of Drugs by Non-Aqueous Titration: Pyridoxine Hydrochloride and Sulphamethoxazole
2. Determination of Percentage Purity of Methylene Blue Indicator
3. Estimation of Cholesterol and Uric Acid in the Given Sample of Blood Serum
4. Estimation of Fluoride in a Toothpaste
5. Determination of Silica by Molybdenum Blue Method
Group – C
1. Total Reducing Sugars before and after Inversion in Honey using: (a) Cole's Ferricyanide (b) Lane-Eynon Method
2. Analysis of Lactose in Milk
3. Estimation of Caffeine in Tea
4. Estimation of Vitamin C in Lemon Juice / Squash by Dichlorophenol-Indophenol Method
5. Iodine Value of Oil/Fat Sample
6. Analysis of Alcoholic Beverages (Beer) for Alcohol Content by Distillation Followed by Specific Gravity Method, Acidity by Titration and Total Residue by Evaporation
Group – D
1. To Analyze Pyrolusite for Fe by Colorimetry and/or Mn by Volumetry
2. To Analyze Magnelium for Mg Titrimetrically
3. Analysis of Bauxite for Ti by Colorimetry/Al by Gravimetry/Fe by Volumetry
4. Analysis of Water Sample: Total Hardness and Salinity
5. Analysis of Water Sample: Acidity and Sulphate (Benzidine Method)
Group – A
1. Determination of pK Value of H3PO4 Potentiometrically
2. Estimation of Na+ in Dairy Whitener by Flame Photometry
3. Spectrophotometric Determination of pH of Buffer Solution
4. Simultaneous Determination of Ti3+ and V5+ Spectrophotometrically by H2O2 Method
5. To Analyze Bronze for Zn by Complexometric Method
Group – B
1. Analysis of Drugs by Non-Aqueous Titration: Glycine and Sodium Benzoate
2. Analysis of Detergents: Active Detergent Matter, Alkalinity and Oxygen Releasing Capacity
3. Determination of the Purity of Crystal Violet
4. Estimation of Ca in Ca-pentathonate / Calcium Lactate Tablets
Group – C
1. Analysis of Calcium, Iron and Phosphorous in Milk
2. Determination of SAP Value of Oil
3. Estimation of Aldehyde in Lemon Oil/Cinnamon Oil
4. Estimation of Glucose by Folin-Wu Method
5. Analysis of Water Sample: Mn2+ by Colorimetric Method
Group – D
1. Research Project / Experimental Sample Analysis Report and its Presentation

About The Author

Dr. Kalpana Patankar Jain - 

Vice-Principal and Head,

Department of Chemistry,

BNN College, Bhiwandi, Dist. Thane.

Dr. Rajesh Ashok Samant -

Assistant Professor,

K.C. College, Mumbai.

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