Business Law - II (Sem IV - Mumbai Univ)

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2018

No. Of Pages : 228

About The Book

Business Law, this book is prepared keeping in mind the requirements of the students of Semester IV, S.Y.B.Com. for External examination as per the Revised Syllabus w.e.f. June 2017. Keeping in mind the examination, several problems, case studies on each topic are discussed and explained.

This paper for External examination is divided into five modules.

In the First Module – Indian Companies Act, 2013 (Part – I), topic wise Provisions of Incorporation, classification, MOA, AOA and its alteration, Prospectus of companies, Doctrine of Constructive notice, Doctrine of Indoor management with relative case laws and explanations are provided.

Module Two is Indian Companies Act, 2013 (Part – II) with provisions relating to Members, Directors meetings with its relative provisions.

Module Three is about Indian Partnership Act, 1932 and LLP 2008. It consists of concept of partnership, types, Relationship of partners, distinguish with other forms of business and Dissolution of partnership. The LLP Act, 2008 will make us understand about concept of LLP, Liability of Partners and Firm, In corporation, Conversion and Dissolution. To make it understandable effectively, efforts are put by giving several easy illustrations and case studies

Module Four is about Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and Competition Act, 2002. It says about Consumer, Dispute, Complaint, Defects, Deficiency, Redressal Agencies and its Mechanisim. The Competition Act, 2002 narrates about Competition policies, Abuse of Dominant position, Competition Commission in India etc.

Module Five consists of Intellectual Property Right (IPR). It deals with its Nature, Concept. Provision relating to Trademark, Patents, Copyrights which are discussed with the required Explanation, Illustrations and Case laws.


Contents -

Introduction to Law
MODULE – I: Indian Companies Act, 2013 (Part – I)
1. Concept, Features and Incorporation of Companies
2. Types of Companies
3. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
4. Prospectus
MODULE – II: Indian Companies Act, 2013 (Part – II)
5. Membership of a Company
6. Directors
7. Meetings
MODULE- III: The Indian Partnership Act, 1932
8. Definition, Formation and Types of Partnership
9. Dissolution of Firm
10. Nature of Limited Liability Partnership
11. Extent of LLP and Its Partners, Winding up and Dissolution of the LLP
MODULE – IV: The Consumer Protection Act, 1986
12. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986
13. Consumer Protection Redressal Agencies
14. Salient Features of Competition Act, 2002
MODULE – V: Intellectual Property Rights
15. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
16. Patent
17. Copyright
18. Trademark
Model Question Paper

About The Author

Dr. Chandar H. Rohra -

B.Com., LL.M., MFM, NET, SET, Ph.D. in Law,

HOD, Business Law Dept.,

RKT College of Arts, Science and Commerce,

Ulhasnagar - 421003, Dist. Thane.

Former Coordiantor and Lecturer,

Nari Gursahani Law College,

Smt. CHM College Campus,

Ulhasnagar - 421003, Dist. Thane.

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