The Etiquette Guidebook Conversation Over Unspoken Rules at Workplace

ISBN Number : 978-93-5367-779-4

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2020

No. Of Pages : 128

About The Book

The basis of proper etiquette is behaviour that is accepted as courteous and well-bred in social, professional and family Life. Good behaviours can mean the difference between success and failure in many aspects of life. Knowing and exhibiting proper etiquette is essential to any civilization.

Etiquette is vital in the business world. We all use our etiquette skills every time we speak or conduct ourselves with a co-worker, or interact with customers. Etiquette enhances the gaining of the competitive edge at work/business which is beneficial for companies and individuals. The professional success of an individual depends on how well he or she can build strong relationships and be effective at work. When an individual succeeds, the company or organization that he or she works for will also succeed.

This book will assist professionals to understand various etiquettes followed across as to what, why, when and how.


Contents -

1. Technology Etiquette
2. Professional Etiquette
3. Social Media Etiquette
4. Customer Service Etiquette
5. Dining Etiquette
6. Cross-cultural Etiquette

About The Author

Dr. Deepa Prasad Venkatraman is a seasoned Corporate Professional and Educator for the last 25 years.

The Great Art of Etiquette was invented to translate incoherent jumble of human feelings which we are subjected to into something more presentable. This fun and easy to carry handbook gives easy solutions about the niceties that one follows in life. This makes the journey fun, purposeful, nurture friendship and find passion.

Her vast experience as an educator and interaction with the students urged her to bring out a "Any Time Read Book" on Life Skill.

Her core strength as a professional has been teaching International Etiquette, Communication Skills, Personality Development to graduates and postgraduates students of Pune University, hospitality sector, educational institutes and offered consultancy to corporate sector.

She started her career with the Taj Mahal hotel, Mumbai and was professionally associated with the various hotels of the Taj Group in Food & Beverage Department. She has authored books in Food & Beverage Service and is a Doctorate in Management.

Currently Spearheading and a Coordinator for a pioneering course BBA (Hospitality and Facilities Management) introduced under the aegis of Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA) at Savitribai Phule Pune University. She has won awards for innovation in hospitality sector and honour for her contribution by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Innovation and research is her expertise and domain area has led her to be invited and be speaker for many conferences and International panel discussion.

An outdoor and adventure enthusiast, truly believes in adage "Impossible is nothing" and passionate about empowering her students with professional attributes, as well as inspiring them to excel and celebrate their individual intrinsic and extrinsic values before entering into the corporate sector.

Thulasi Priya P is a nature lover who loves to "Live in present". An independent multi-talented, who always have an urge to learn and implement innovative methodology for continual improvement. Strong believer of respecting the "Value of People, Time and Money".

A competent dynamic HR and Counselling Hypnotherapist by profession for 20 years and moved as a freelance trainer-cum-consultant for more than 12 years now by upgrading herself as NLP and Psychoneurobics Practitioner which makes her programs beyond training. Travelling, being her core interest with an added desire of knowing people and their culture, she conducts unique and empowering training programs Pan India for different audience from kindergarten to adult with storytelling and concept learning as a KEY. Training and Counselling being her passion, she addressed in television shows as a guest speaker in various segments like Youth Empowerment, Mind Your Mind and Soft Skills for Successful Life.

As she accepts people as they are, she inspires and celebrates the excellence in every individual in a holistic way.

Her step into writing now is to inculcate every individual to enhance their thinking and writing skills in their own style as reading sharpens ones mind and stimulates the imagination skills which everyone possesses.

A human with good sense of humor who believe in the power of Universe, lead a simple life who keeps her "Child within" active always and in all ways.

LIFE is all about Living and Learning!

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