The Calm and the Storm (Delhi During 1803-1857)

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Year of Publication : 2015

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About The Book

During the years 1803-1857, Delhi witnessed political, social and religious developments and trajectories. It was an era well known for intellectual and cultural efflorescence, possible only during a period of relative peace and tranquility. The storm clouds were far away, yet there were inklings of the impending upheaval and tumult. The book attempts to capture this essence by analyzing the historical records of this period, and by viewing the situation from different perspectives, from the Qila-i-Mualla as well as the Delhi Residency, from the intelligentsia as well as the missionaries.

Within the calm a storm was gathering, which would transform Delhi, never to return to its cultural past.


Contents :

A Note on Translation and Diacritical Marks
1. The Qila-i-Mualla and the Delhi Residency
2. The Delhi Renaissance
3. The Muslims and Missionaries of Delhi
4. Delhi and the Revolt of 1857: The End of an Era
5. Was There a "Golden Calm"?

About The Author

Moon Moon Jetley is an independent researcher with a Doctorate in History from the University of Mumbai. She is presently documenting and researching the textile traditions of north-eastern India at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Unwilling to restrict herself to an academic life, she plans to explore various facets of history through research. She is also an avid reader with a love for writing and travel.

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