Business Mathematics And Statistics

ISBN Number : 978-93-5367-886-9

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2020

No. Of Pages : 456

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About The Book

We have great pleasure in presenting First edition "Business Mathematics and Statistics" written for students of UG courses. The related matters are written in a simple and easily understandable language with sufficient support from real Business information.

This volume is an attempt to provide the students with thorough understanding of matrices and Determinants, Derivative of different Functions, introduction to Statistics, Statistical Data, Construction of a Frequency Distribution; Concept of Central Tendency and Dispersion and their Measures, Measures of Skewness, Concept of Kurtosis, Time Series and Index Numbers method and techniques. We have presented the subject matter in a systematic manner with liberal use of charts and diagrams whereever necessary so as to make it interesting and sustain students' interest.

We are quite confident, though, that the book can also be adopted and used successfully. We believe that the book is even suited for self-study


Contents -

1. Matrices and Determinants
2. Function, Limit and Continuity
3. Differentiation
4. Maxima and Minima
5. Simple and Compound Interest
6. Measures of Central Tendency
7. Measures of Variation
8. Correlation Analysis
9. Regression Analysis
10. Index Number
11. Time Series
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About The Author

Dr. Parameswara Gupta
M.Com, LLB, M.Phil, Ph.D,
Prof., Department of Commerce,
Sri Kongadiyappa College, Doddaballapur.

Dr. Ghousia Khatoon -


Professor, Department of Management Studies,

HKBK College of Engineering,

Bengaluru - 45.

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