Corporate Communication and Public Relations (Sem 3, Mumbai Univ)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5433-467-2

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2021

No. Of Pages : 192

Book Weight :278

About The Book

It gives me immense pleasure to present this First Edition of Corporate Communication and Public Relations to the teachers and students of BAMMC Second Year. In this edition, the subject matter in all the chapters is divided and adjusted in a logical manner. The objective of this subject as per University of Mumbai guidelines is to provide an understanding of media theories—to provide the students with basic understanding of the concepts of corporate communication and public relations., to introduce the various elements of corporate communication and it considers their roles in managing media organizations, to examine how various elements of corporate communication must be coordinated to communicate effectively in today's competitive world to develop critical understanding of the different practices associated with corporate communication with the latest trends and social media tools.

The BAMMC syllabus came into effect from June 2019. The syllabus is divided into five modules. The topics are discussed in a detailed and simple manner. Possible questions are given at the end of each chapter/topic. I hope this edition will be useful to the teachers and students.


Contents -

1. Foundations of Corporate Communication
2. Understanding Public Relations
3. Corporate Communication and Public Relation's Range of Functions Relations
4. Latest Trends, Tools and Technology; Role of Social Media in Corporate Communication and Public Relations

About The Author

Atish Singh -

MA, M.Phil and MBA (Marketing)

Assistant Professor, Department of BMM,

Thakur College of Science and Commerce,

Kandivali (E) Mumbai-400 101.

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