Recruitment Management

ISBN Number : 978-81-8488-612-2

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 176

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About The Book

This book is prepared for students of HR Management and attempts and to explain the theory behind Recruitment and Selection. The key questions to be asked before embarking on the Talent acquisition process are:

1. What are you looking for?
2. Where to find them?
3. How to attract them?
4. How to choose them?
5. How to clinch the deal?
6. What to do with them when they start?

Answers to these questions can be arrived as if the process of Recruitment and Selection is followed. This process is explained through 12 chapters.


Contents :

1. Recruitment in India
2. Recruiting - An Overview
3. Sources of Recruitment
4. Recruitment: From Advertisement to Short List
5. Recruitment Firms - Making the Partnership Work
6. Leveraging Technology for Better Recruitment
7. Selection Tests
8. The Selection Interview
9. Recruitment Strategies
10. Offer of Employment
11. Indian Laws for Recruitment and selection
12. Role of Induction Process in Recruitment and Selection

About The Author

Rashmi T.K

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