Fundamentals of Financial Derivatives

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Year of Publication : 2019

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About The Book

This Book "FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCIAL DERIVATIVES" is a small treatise in the field of finance, but a big treasure in the world of finance.

This book contains Fourteen chapters. Chapter One highlights the concept and-importance of derivatives. Chapter Two describes history and evolution of derivative markets. Chapter Three studies the past, present, and future prospects of derivative markets in India. Chapter Four explains the forward contracts. The basics of future derivatives have been systematically explained in Chapter Five. Theories of Future`s prices and hedging strategy using Futures have been discussed in Chapter Six and Seven.

Chapter Eight explains the basics of option derivatives. Valuation or pricing of financial assets is one of the crux area in financial engineering. Chapter Nine focuses the various determinants (variables) of option pricing. Further, the bonds in option pricing and put-call parity concepts have also been explained in this chapter. Chapter Ten explains the Binomial Option Pricing Model (BOPM) in a simple language along with a number of practical examples. Similarly, a strategic approach has been made on "Black Scholes Option Pricing Model" in Chapter Eleven. Chapter Twelve explains Hedging Strategies with Options. Chapter Thirteen deals with Options Trading Strategies in most lucid manner and lastly, Chapter Fourteen reflects the concept of SWAP derivatives.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Derivatives
2. Derivative Markets : History and Evolution
3. Financial Derivative Markets In India
4. Forward Contract
5. Futures : The Basics
6. Theories of Futures Prices
7. Hedging Strategy Using Futures
8. Option : The Basics
9. Option Pricing : Basics
10. The Binomial Option Pricing Model(BOPM)
11. Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model
12. Hedging Strategies with Options
13. Options Trading Startegies
14. Swaps
15. Glossary of Derivative Concepts

About The Author

Prafulla Kumar Swain is a Professor of Management at Institute of Business and Computer Studies, Faculty of Management, Siksha "O" Anusandhan (Deemed To Be) University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. He is an M.Com, M.Phil., and Fellow Member of Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India, Kolkata, His research endeavour on "Plastic Money: The Performance, Problems and Prospective" is an excellent contribution to the world of finance.

He has got 20 years rich industrial experience in the field of Finance, Accounts, Taxation and Auditing. He has more than ten years teaching experience in Management Studies at the postgraduate level His areas of specialisation are - Strategic Management, Financial Management, Financial Derivatives, Tax (Direct and Indirect) Management and Cost and Management Accounting.

He has authored the books like - A New Approach to Business Mathematics and Statistics, A New Approach to Cost Accounting and Fundamentals of Quantitative Techniques.

He has organised a series of Seminars (National and International) and workshops in the emerging areas of Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management.

He conveys two messages to the student`s community:

• Take the risk, manage strategically and enjoy the result.
• Be Happy and Keep Others Happy.

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