Business Research and Methods
Research Methodology

Dr. M. M. Munshi
Dr. K. Gayathri Reddy

Startup Ecosystem in India Text & Cases

Ramesh Sardar
Ganesh Waghmare

Innovation and R&D Management - Concept and Cases

Prof. Surendra Triambak Rao Deshmukh
Dr. I. Gopinath

Operations Research

Mr. K. Shridhara Bhat

Business Statistics

Dhaval Maheta
Hitesh Parmar

Case Studies in Business and Industry Management: Indian Cont...

Prof. Dr. Gopal R
Prof. Dr. Pradip Manjrekar

Research Methodology

O.R. Krishnaswami
Dr. M. Ranganatham

Business Research Methods

Azmath Rukhsana
Lakshmi T.

Research Methodology In Medical Sciences

Dr. B. S. Nagoba
Dr. A. G. Chandorkar

Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis

Dr. D. Obul Reddy
Dr. O.R. Krishnaswamy

Research Methodology

Dr. N.Thanulingom

Research Methodology

Dr. Prafull Kumar Khatua
Dr. Priti Ranajan Majhi

Methodology of Research in Social Sciences

Dr. M. Ranganatham
Dr. O.R. Krishnaswamy

Methodology and Techniques of Social Research

P.L. Bhandarkar
T.S. Wilkinson

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