GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering

GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering, this second throughly revised edition spread in 22 Chapters and 3 Appendices covers complete syllabus of GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering and GATE Physics (Electronics).

A 2 Z of Motivation (Your Guide to Success)

This book will help you discover and develop the qualities which are essential for success in life. These qualities are handpicked from the life of the most successful people in the world with examples which will help you get an insight into their lives.

JAIIB is Easy Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Bank

AIIB and DB&F (Diploma in Banking & Finance) Examination is conducted by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) in May and November every year. "Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking, is the 3rd paper of the JAIIB/DB&F Examination.

Advanced Manual for Women Studies - UGC/CBSE – NET

Women studies is an interdisciplinary subject. The purview of this book transcends the boundaries of classical gender studies.

GATE - Geology and Geophysics

Brief theory of Geology and Geophysics at the outset., Explanations with Related Concepts and Theories.


The basic principle in writing of this CSIR-NET-GATE book is to create a guiding text for students- a text which represents the material in a way that encourages the students for the logical thinking about what they have learned theoretically in their bac

New Arrivals

GATE - Geology & Geophysics

Amaresh Singh
Jitendra Mishra

Organisational Behaviour (Telangana Univ)

L.V. Rajvalli Devi

Macro and Indian Economy (Osisha Univ)

Dr. R.S. Kamath

Media, Gender & Culture (Mumbai Univ)

Rumina Rai
Prof. Kishwar Panna

Business Taxation

Prof. S.R. Mohapatra
Pratap Chandra Sahoo

Organisational Behaviour (Bengaluru Univ)

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah
B.S. Viswanath

Issues In Financial Reporting

Amarjot Kaur
Monika Khindri

Marketing Management (Bengaluru Univ)

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah
H.R. Ramanath

Indian Banking (Gulbarga Univ)

Dasharath Mehtry
Suchitananda K. Malkapure

Corporate Accounting

Tajinder Kaur
Renu Kalra

Mathematics for Life Sciences I

Dr. Anjali Naithani
Surbhi Gupta

Media Planning & Management Sem IV (Mumbai Univ)

Dr. Rinkesh Chheda
Dr. Parul Singhal

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