The Zest of Claire Norman

ISBN Number : 978-93-5495-647-8

Student Price : Rs.250

Student Dollar Price : 10$

Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2022

No. Of Pages : 152

Book Weight :168

About The Book

Claire is a free-spirited young girl who just moved to Brook banks. She meets Jacob, a boy with a sense of ingenuity. The two kids meet at the park and soon become friends. They find themselves in Mr. Richards' backyard one evening, where they see a man in a trench coat, hiding suspiciously. Who is he? They have no idea. Their only clue is a mysterious phone call. The very next day, Mr. Richards is found dead. The two kids were perhaps witnesses to his murder. Acting as detectives, they try and solve the murder of Mr. Richards. Their only suspect is the chief of police. No wonder the investigation is going nowhere! 

Claire juggles school and detective work while trying to mend her bond with James, her father, while loving Andrea, her caring single mother. In this confounding tale of mystery and bewilderment, Claire and Jacob, the once innocent kids, had trespassed private property, snuck into a crime scene and stolen evidence. But was it all worth it?


Contents -

1. Claire Norman
2. Friends for Life
3. An Evening to Remember
4. A Long Walk Home
5. Welcome to Crestview Public
6. Reality Hits Hard
7. The Predicament
8. The Informal Confession
9. The Night Out
10. Shocking Discovery
11. When the Truth Comes Out
12. The Unseen Footage
13. Tom Reagan: Chief of Police
14. Normans
15. Man in the Trench Coat
16. Appearances can be Deceiving
17. Detention
18. An Official Meeting
19. Don’t Make Promises You Can't Keep
20. The Mystery is Over...Or is it?
21. Finding Sally
22. Elm Street
23. Alleyway Rendezvous
24. It All Makes Sense Now!
25. The Confrontation
26. Questions, So Many Questions
27. The Next Morning
28. Dinner at the Wilson House

About The Author

Tatwamasi Dani is a 14-year-old based in Pune, India. A certified game and app developer, she still prefers nature over technology, television over sports and food above all else. Tatwamasi enjoys writing, traveling and golfing. She is in the process of starting a social enterprise. The Zest of Claire Norman is Tatwamasis first book.

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