Rural Marketing

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Book Edition : Third

Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Rural Marketing is much talked and less practiced subject needing serious attention from all stake holders. A detailed all in one book was very essential for Indian students of PG level in management, Agriculture, Commerce and competitive examinations like IAS. The book broadly covers following specialties:

- Rural environment, socio-cultural and ethos.
- Problems associated with rural sector and changing scenario.
- Strategies for marketing of consumer goods and FMCG in rural sector.
- Strategies for marketing of rural produce in towns, cities and exports.
- Marketing of outputs of Agro-industries, forestry, poultry, animal husbandry and handicrafts.
- Role of co-operatives, government bodies and financial institutions.
- Development of food industries, productivity, efficiency, excellence in rural India.
- Case studies, statistics and real world examples are covered in each chapter.


Contents :

Rural Environment
1. Overview of Marketing Management
2. Rural Marketing − Definition & Scenario
Rural Marketing
3. Rural Demand and Rural Market Index
4. Market Forces and Price Determination
5. Problems in Rural Marketing
6. Markets and Market Structure
7. Marketing Agricultural Input
8. Marketing of Consumer Durables
9. Rural Marketing Strategies
10. Marketing of Farm Inputs
Agricultural Marketing
11. Agricultural Marketing − Definition and Scope
12. Agricultural Marketing and Economic Development
13. Producer`s Surplus of Agricultural Commodities
14. Projection of Demand and Supply of Farm Product
15. Scientific Marketing of Farm Products
16. Risk Management and Futures Market
17. Marketing of Farm Products
18. Transportation of Farm Products
19. Grading and Standardization
20. Storage and Warehousing
21. Processing
22. Market Information
23. Food Processing and Manufacturing
24. Marketing Agencies and Institutions
25. Traditional Agricultural Marketing System
26. Integration, Efficiency, Cost and Price Spread
27. Training, Research and Statistics in Agricultural Marketing
28. External Trade in Agricultural Products
29. Financing
Recent Developments

About The Author

Dr. Ravindranath Badi has got vast experience as executive in corporate world and is the Principal of Management Institutes in Bangalore. He has written a number of books for PG and UG programme in Commerce and Management studies. Many of his books have been recognized as text books in various universities of India. He has focussed more on writing for subjects where Indian author`s books are needed with Indian case studies. Recently he has been awarded the "National Teachers Excellence Award-2010 in Management Education".

Prof. N.V. Badi, is an Honours graduate in Engineering (Mechanical), graduate in Economics and Postgraduate in Management from Jamnalal Baja] Institute Bombay and AIMA Delhi. He has 39 years of experience in various industries in different capacities. As an Executive Director of NALCO he has played a key role in developing rural areas of Angul and Dhamanjodi in Odisha 5 to carve a name of global level industry. During this phase he has direct experience in dealing with rural places and people. He has published various research papers on NALCO project. Currently, he is a visiting professor in reputed management institutions at Bangalore.

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