High Performance Leadership

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Empowering people to realize that they determine their own lives is not easy. Equally difficult is to understand the human psyche with no guarantee of set pattern of behaviour. With winds of change taking charge of business and commerce, Technology outdating concepts day-in and day-out, the task of the corporate to provide right kind of leadership with high power and high skill orientation has become more relevant than before. There is a distinct possibility of companies getting extinct from the scene if right leadership is not triggered as response in the current world of competition.

Living upto the aspirations and requirements of the industry, Universities of the country have introduced the subject "High Performance Leadership" in the course curriculum of the management courses. Being a front runner in the field of academic innovations, University of Mumbai has introduced this subject for Post Graduate Course in Management, namely Master of Management Studies and this book is, in response to the need of the management students.

The book meets the requirements of the subject in all its angles, be it syllabus of the course or knowledge contents of the topics of leadership governing various facets of leadership and has made an attempt to bring in leaders among readers.


Contents :

Section-1: High Performance Leadership
1. Leadership
2. Leadership Theories and style
3. Leadership Skills
4. Leadership Lessons through Literature
5. Concepts Connected to High Performance Leadership
6. Team Work
7. Interpersonal Skills-Conversation, Communication Feed Back and Feed forward
8. Interpersonal Skills-Delegation, Humour, Trust, Expectations, Value, Status and Compatibility
9. Conflict Management
10. Conflict Management- Coping Strategies
11. Conflict Management Styles
12. Positive Thinking-Attitudes and Beliefs
13. Positive Thinking Martin Seligman`s Theory of Learned Helplessness
14. Positive Thinking-Martin Seligman`s Theory of Learned Optimism
15. Psychology and Leadership Traits
Section-2: Practical Tools To Be An Effective High Performance Manager
16. Interview Skills & Retention
17. Employee Handbook
18. Personality Development
19. Competency Mapping and Key Result Areas
20. Balanced Score Card
21. Case Studies
22. Formats
23. HR Management Games
24. HR Quiz
25. HR Quotes
26. HR Dictionary & A-Z of HR Terminology

About The Author

Dr. G.Vijayaragavan brings in a real time leadership experience of over 2 decades in the premier Punjab National Bank of the country. Dr. G. Vijayaragavan had the opportunity to have experienced his life as a management leader and a leader of the masses, He demonstrated his ability to reconcile differences among human resources, resolve conflicts and reform personnel of the bank, while heading Human Resources domain of the Regional operations of the bank covering Vidarbha Region. Acknowledging his skills and ability to lead from the front, the Officers of the Bank elected him with massive mandate as Organizing Secretary of the Officers Association in Vidarbha.

Dr. G. Vijayaragavan had conducted over 250 Human Resources Training modules as Senior Faculty of the bank which include a training module for General Managers of Bank of Mongolia, at the instance of the Government of India and brings with him matching experience in the field of academics. He is in the in-house panel of many professional institutes of repute in his capacity as Consultant and Advisor on matters of H.R. interests. Dr. G. Vijayargavan, enjoys meeting challenges, loves interactions and is currently Professor and Dean at Pillai`s Institute of Management Studies and Research, New Panvel, an institute which is synonymous with Global reach and academic excellence.

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