Changing Paradigms in Services Marketing

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About The Book

Marketing is increasingly becoming important in today`s competitive global village. At the same time, marketing is undergoing profound changes, both as an academic field, and as a practicing function. Environmental forces such as information and communication technology, and globalization are affecting marketing to a great extent. The perspective of marketing is changing from a goods dominant field to an experience dominant area. The resources and the mindset required to create experiences are going to be different from those required to create products and services. Marketers have to think more and more about creating holistic experiences, rather than just disjointed set of customer interactions.

Emerging media has changed the paradigm of marketing by making customers active participants in creation, dissemination, and consumption of marketing messages and offerings. Customers are gradually gaining more control on content and delivery of the firm`s offering. Marketing professionals now have the task of engaging the customers. New areas of study are emerging that explore the brain`s responses to advertisements, brands, and the messages. Technology is pervading many of the hitherto human interfaces of marketing. It is playing a greater role in the effective acquisition, consumption, and disposal of an offering. Society looks forward to business for delivering goods, services, and experiences in a manner that is beneficial to all the stakeholders of the society. With increasing awareness, marketing practice has to give more attention to such demands of the society.

This book has compiled the papers in four sections. First section has papers on general services marketing themes such as organizational and customer citizenship behaviour, customer relationship marketing, customer rage behaviour and customer grievances, marketing of higher education, tourism, and spiritual marketing. Second section of the book, retail marketing, has papers associated to the area of retail. Third section has papers related to marketing and operations management. Fourth section of the book has papers on marketing of financial services.

Contents :

I : Ddevelopments in Services Marketing
1. Impact of Leadership Behaviour in Accentuating Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and Service Quality
- Vijay Kumar Pandey, Yogesh Updhyay and Shiv Kumar Singh
2. Antecedents of Customer Participation and Customer Citizenship Behaviour
-Ashwini K. Awasthi, Apurva Lagwankar and Mahima Singhal
3. The Relationship Marketing Effect on Firm`s Export Performance
-Shivangi Singh, Pawan K. Chugan
4. Customer Relationship as a Competitive Edge in Unorganized Retail Sector − A Study of Kirana Stores
-Sweta Sanjog Metha, Pratibha Deshmukh
5. Measuring Corporate Affinity for Self-Service Technologies in Banking Industry
-Priyanka Jain, Sugandha Tulsyan
6. Customer Rage Behaviour: A Comprehensive Literature Review
-Vineet Kumar
7. Redressal of Insurance Consumers` Grievances: An Empirical Study in Rajasthan
-Dhiraj Jain, Sajid Ali Mithaiwala
8. Marketing of Services in Higher Education
-Shrawan Kumar Singh
9. Marketing of Educational Services: An Empirical Study of Youths in South-East Orissa
-M. Choudhury, P.C. Sahu
10. Tourism Marketing : A Study of `Khushboo Gujarat Ki` Campaign in Gujarat
-Shikha Jain
11. Spiritual Marketing in India − Applying 7ups of Services Marketing
-Malay R. Patel, Abhishek Kumar Jain
II : Retail Marketing
12. A Comprehensive Model of Consumer Self-concepts among Brand Specific and Multibrand Retail Stores
-P.K. Sinha, Hari Govind Mishra, Sarabjot Singh
13. Measuring Emotional Satisfaction in Retailing
-Shilpa Bagdare, Rajnish Jain
14. Store Selection in the Emerging Apparel Market
-Shahir Bhatt, Amola Bhatt
15. Service Quality Dimensions in Retail Services: An Empirical Study on the Hypermarket Services in the Ahmedabad City
-Ritesh K. Patel
16. Tapping the Bottom of Pyramid in Retail Sector : A Study in Delhi-NCR Area
-Ahuti Bhargav, Y.P. Singh
17. Impact of Demographic Factors on Retail Marketing
-Megha Joshi, Vijay laxmi Iyengar and Ashutosh vyas
18. An Analysis of Service Mix for E-Tailing
-Sapna Parashar, Nityesh Bhatt and Mayur Gupta
19. Measuring Retail Convenience and Its Consequences for Online Shoppers
-Rinal Shah
20. E-tailing: Consumers` Attitude and Expectations towards Online Shopping in Ahmedabad
-Kavita Saxena
III : Marketing and Operations Management
21. Optimal Sales and Production Plans for Product Innovations in the Presence of Scarcity Effects
-Rahul J. Patil, Janat Shah
22. Demand Chain Management : Integrating Marketing and Supply Chain Management for Enhancing Customer Value Proposition
-Pankaj M. Madhani
23. Demand Chain Management : Applying the Resource Based View of Competitive Advantages
- Pankaj M. Madhani
24. Marketing and Operations Management
-Arun Kumar Biswas
25. Transfer of Climate-Friendly Technologies Through The Clean Development Mechanism : An Empirical Study of The Carbon Finance Market
-Renuka S. Nifadkar, Anil P. Dongre
IV : Marketing Financial Services
26. Mutual Funds Buying Behaviour Among Banking Sector Employees
-Ira Bapna, Gitanjali Shrivastava and Heena Kothari
27. Variable Interest Grid for Credit Approval System : A Study Based on Customers` Perspective
-P. Baba Gnankumar, Arun Sriram and Appu
28. Customer Perception of Mobile Banking Services
-Timira Shah, Anita Singh and Vidya Sekhri
29. An Analysis of Investors` Perceptions for Investing in Capital Markets
-Hardik Shah, Frince Thomas
30. Metrics Linking Marketing to Financial Performance : A Study of Selected Banks
-Bhautik Alpeshkumar Patel, Raju M. Rathod

About The Author

Jayesh Aagja is Assistant Professor in Marketing Area with Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. He has over 13 years of Academic experience at Postgraduate level of teaching management courses. He has doctorate in Management from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat. He has presented research papers in national and international conferences and has published in international journals. His areas of research interests are service quality, services marketing and consumer behavior.

Sanjay Jain is Associate Professor of Marekting at Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. He has done his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Marketing from Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur and his thesis has been awarded as best thesis in Doctoral confluence at IBS- Gurgaon. Dr. jain has more than 13 years of experience in industry and academia. He began his career with industry in sales and marketing area and here spent more than five years. In the last eight years, he is into management teaching and his teaching interests are marketing management, marketing communications and international marketing. He has also received Doctoral Fellowship from Indian Council of Social Science and Research (ICSSR), New Delhi. Dr. Jain has also done four months Faculty Development Program from IIM- Ahmedabad. His research interests are pharmaceutical marketing and marketing communications and he has published numerous research papers in national and international journals. He has been to many national and international conferences, workshops and seminars as participant as well as resource person.

Ashwini K. Awasthi is Professor of Marketing at institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. He holds a Ph.D. from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. He has 24 years of experience in Industry and academia. He has worked for a decade in Indian, and multinational corporations in sales and marketing line. He has been teaching management courses for the last 14 years. A recipient of research grants from University Grants Commission of India, his articles have been published in peer- reviewed journals, and he has presented research papers in international conferences. He has been a resource person in a workshop conducted by United Nations Development Projects, and has consulted to a project supported by United Nations Development Projects, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. He has also consulted to entrepreneurs. He has conducted management development programmes, and faculty development programmes on different marketing areas, and has taken sessions in various executive programmes for many organizations. His academic interests are in the field of marketing management, marketing research, sales management, and services marketing.

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