Educational Evaluation (Theory and Practice)

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Book Edition : Seventh

Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

This book covers both the theoretical and functional aspects of educational evaluation. In the beginning greater stress is laid on the theoretical aspect of the subject, but gradually the functional aspect is brought to the front.

To make it absolutely functional, Part II of this book deals with some very useful concepts, and offers much useful information on elementary statistics. This approach is best suited to a teacher who is expected not only to know the theory of educational evaluation but also to prepare the year`s plan, the unit plan, the unit test, and various tools to measure students` progress quantitatively and qualitatively, and to apply his knowledge of statistics with a view to fruitfully using the results of the various tests.


Contents :

1. Educational Decision-Making
2. The Concept of Educational Evaluation
3. The Role of Objectives in Educational Evaluation
4. Communicating Objectives
5. Objectives and Specifications
6. Content Analysis
7. Learning Experiences
8. The Year Plan
9. The Unit Plan
10. The Unit Test
11. A Good Measuring Instrument
12. Interpretation of Test Results
13. The Classroom Testing: Teacher-Made Tests-I
14. Formative and Summative Evaluation
15. The Classroom Testing: Teacher-Made Tests-II (Objective Type)
16. The Classroom Testing: Teacher-Made Tests-III (Qualitative Techniques)
17. Semester System and Internal Assessment
18. Marking And Reporting Students Progress
19. Future Trends In Educational Evaluatin
I. The Frequency Distribution
II. Graphic representation
III. Measures of Central tendency
IV. Measures of Variability
V. Measures of Relationship
VI. The Normal Probability Curve
VII. Interpreting Results from Teacher-made Tests

About The Author

Dr. R.N. Patel is a born teacher as his father was a teacher during his whole life. Dr. Patel was placed as an Excise Inspector at January in 1955 but only after three months he left the job and became teacher for the whole life. He served the State of Gujarat for ten years as an assistant teacher (for seven years) and a Head Master in a High School (for three years). He served the State of Maharashtra for nearly 26 years in the capacity of a lecturer, a vice-principal (for three years) and principal (for 15 years), in KKCE, Santacruz (W), Mumbai.      

He translated Many Government Text Books of Mathematics from Std. V to Std. X from Marathi into Gujarati. He was used to write many reference books in Mathematics and Science for Primary and Secondary Schools. He also wrote a book on Evaluation for Teacher-trainees.      

He was fortunate enough to learn New Mathematics in seventies from the visiting professors from America. He loves Mathematics like anything. 

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