Principles of Population Studies

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Book Edition : Nineteenth

Year of Publication : 2019

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About The Book

The present work is perhaps the book on population studies which is mainly based on Indian data and meant for Indian students. It will, therefore, he found to be useful to students and teachers alike, both at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

Even research scholars, we hope, will find it useful as an introduction to the subject, while the general reader will find much of interest in this book because it explains population processes in simple terms, after defining the various concepts.


Contents :

1. Population Studies: Nature and Scope
2. Sources of Population Data
3. World Population: Growth and Distribution
4. Population Growth in India
5. Population Theories
6. Population Structure and Characteristics
7. Mortality
8. Fertility-I
9. Fertility-II
10. Migration
11. Population Distribution Geographic Areas and Classification of Residence
12. Labour Force
13. Population Policies
14. India`s Population Policy
Appendix-A: Population Change
Appendix-B: The Life Tables
Appendix-C: National Population Policy : 2000
Appendix-D: Reproductive and Child Health (RCH)
Appendix-E: National Rural health Mission (2005-2012)
Appendix-F: Population Projections

About The Author

Prof. (Mrs.) Tara Kanitkar -

Retd. Professor and Head,

Dept. of Development Studies,

International Institute for Population Sciences,


Asha A. Bhende -

Retd. Professor and Head,

Dept. of Population Policies and Developement Programmes,

International Institute for Population Sciences,


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