Retail Management

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

The dynamics in the retailing landscape can be attributed to the technological changes in this digitalised age and its effect is visible on the evolving consumer behaviours. Organisations have been forced to integrate new tools of technology into their retailing processes, and also build up competitiveness. While earlier retailers were in the driver's seat, today, technology and digitalisation have empowered customers who can choose from the plethora of shopping options available in different retail forms and formats. This changed scenario is highly challenging for retailers; requiring them to adopt suitable new business models and retailing processes that attract customers towards their stores. This second edition of Retail Management which comprises of sixteen chapters is an attempt to examine the different facets of retail management process that could help to attract customers to stores, and in providing them seamless shopping experiences.

Specific Features of the Book :

- This is revised, updated and enlarged edition, and includes a range of chapters from the theories of retailing, through the various facets of the retail management process (retail market and financial strategies, HRM, retail marketing, CRM, etc.), to the contemporary forms of Multichannel and Omnichannel Retailing, and Online and International Retailing.
- The importance of technology usage in the current digitalised world is discussed in an exclusive chapter devoted to the role of IT Support Systems in retail transactions for improvising retailing operations.
- Going by the popularity of Big Data, a new chapter on Ethics and ethical use of data analytics in retailing has been included.
- Given the growth potential in rural markets, an exclusive chapter on 'Rural Market Retailing'.
- In view of the unprecedented occurrence of the pandemic and the disruptions it has caused, many real COVID-19 related examples have been included wherever possible.
- Every chapter starts with a real case discussion relevant to the concepts discussed therein.


Contents -

1. Overview and Introduction to Retailing
2. Theories of Retailing and Types of Retailers
3. Indian Retail and Customer Shopping Behaviour
4. Multichannel and Omnichannel Retailing
5. Retail Market Strategy
6. Financial Strategy
7. Retail Site and Location
8. Human Resources Management (HRM)
9. Retail Marketing, Store Management and Visual Merchandising
10. Supply Chain Management in Retailing
11. Service, Quality and Customer Relationship Management
12. Information Technology (IT) Support Systems
13. Franchising, Brand and Mall Management
14. Online or E-tailing and International Retailing
15. Rural Market Retailing
16. Ethics, Big Data and Retailing

About The Author

Dr. Suja R. Nair holds B.A. (Hons.), MBA and Ph.D. Degrees, and is a self-motivated professional with a work experience that spans over 27 years combining Corporate, Academics and Research. Currently, she is an Independent Researcher, and also handles Strategic Marketing as a Co-entrepreneur at Educe Micro Research, Bengaluru, India. Earlier, she had been a Practicing Manager in the corporate sector. But it is her passion for teaching that drew her to academics, and got her working as a Management Faculty at few academic institutions in Bengaluru. During the course of her teaching, she developed an interest in writing and embarked onto the journey of research and authorship with her first book entitled "Consumer Behaviour - Text and Cases", published by the Himalaya Publishing House (HPH), Mumbai in 1999. Subsequently, many more books were published by HPH, broadly in areas of Retail Management, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Research and Organisational Behaviour, which are widely read and recommended by leading universities / institutes in India.

She also has to her credit many articles published in top-tier International Journals and Handbooks of Research publications like IGI Global, Elsevier, Emerald and Inderscience Publishers. She is the Editor of Handbook of Research on Ethics, Entrepreneurship and Governance in Higher Education, and International Journal of Big Data Management, and on the Editorial board of IAFOR Journal of Education. She is an Honorary Rosalind Member of London Journals Press. In 2021, she was awarded "Woman of Excellence Award" by the Indian Achievers Forum in the category of Independent Researcher and Author at the National Amanirbhar Bharat E-Summit.

Book Reviews

Retail Management - book by Dr. Suja Nair is very comprehensive and UpToDate. Written in a nice conversational style with real life, local examples to which ever reader will connect easily. The brands and companies selected by Dr. Suja as cases in the book are well known and popular, thus easy to relate, making concepts easier to understand. Any student or practitioner of retail must read the book to best understand retailing as happens in India.

I wish for you a grand response to the book.

Warm regards,
Dr. Hemant C. Trivedi,
Director - CVMU MBA,
Charotar Vidyamandal University,
Vallabhvidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat.


Dear Suja,
It was indeed a pleasure to read through your latest book on Retail Management, and while I say a pleasure from a read point of view it was also a very informative and unmistakably a treasure trove of knowledge on Retail and consumer management.

In my assessment it is indeed a master class in Retail Management with deep and practical insights on Consumer Behaviour and delivers a very strong punch around the ‘buy” instincts and the motivations of the consumers.

The book also is a sincere attempt in trying to answer some age old challenges of how to cope up with uni vs multichannel retailing and how to stay relevant in the age of Big Data and hyper local marketing. The outcome linked approach is borne out extremely lucidly in the chapter on Financial Strategy and will certainly help lot of folks to make the right choices.

The book also recognises the most critical P (people) and the value they can bring to the equation to drive the retail experience and engagement of consumers. Bringing to life real situations, with real challenges and extremely practical and real solutions!

It's a must read and a must have for all practising and future retail marketers as a toolkit for their own retail excellence.

Best regards,
Sanjay Bhan
Chief Business Officer - Global Business Unit
Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

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