Project Management

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Book Edition : Fourth

Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

In the post economic liberalisation era, "Project Management" is a subject that is assuming greater importance and is bound to be one of the dominant topics of discussion and study during the 21st century. This is as it should be, with the accelerated growth of industry in particular and economy in general in India. Project management is a critical tool for the success of ventures. Its importance enhances with the growth of business activities as well as projects.

"Project Management" is a unique subject that has assumed greater importance and is continued to be one of the dominant topics of discussion during the next millennium. This is as it should be, with the accelerated process of industrial development in India. This study on Project Management should be read by anyone interested in economic revitalization, rapid industrialization, growth and development of an area, and also by economic planners, big and small entrepreneurs, bankers, industrialists, members of chambers and industry and every concerned citizen, who is an entrepreneur at heart.


Contents :

1. Introduction
Part One: Projects
2. Search for a Business Idea
3. Concept of Projects
4. Project Identification
5. Project Formulation
6. Project Risks
7. Project Planning
8. Project Design and Network Analysis
9. Project Report
10. Project Appraisal
11. Location
12. Factory Design and Layout
Part Two: Project Analysis
13. Project Analysis
14. Economic Analysis
15. Distribution Cost Analysis
16. Leverage Analysis
Part Three: Financial Analysis
17. Financial Analysis
18. Funds Flow Analysis
19. Ratio Analysis
20. Investment Process
21. Break-Even Analysis
22. Profitability Analysis
23. Social Cost-Benefit Analysis
24. Sensitivity Analysis
25. Budgetary Control
26. Benchmarking
Part Four: Project Finance
27. Source of Development Finance
28. Project Financing
29. Institutional Finance to Entrepreneurs
30. Working Capital Management
31. Incentives and Subsidies
Part Five: Inputs Of Project Management
32. Project Management
33. Project Organisation
34. Community Participation in Projects
35. Working Capital Assessment
36. The SWOT Analysis
37. Risk Management
Part Six: Monitoring and Control
38. The Essence of Control
39. Post-evaluation Approach
40. Project Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation

About The Author

Dr. Vasant Desai has been engaged in socio-economic research and written on industry, enterpreneurial management, rural economics, rural development, financial system, banking and monetary policy in the last fifty years. Throughout this period one of his persistent interests has been the study of economic problems in their socio-political enterpreneurial cultural and socio-economic setting. He has blended his wide experiences in teaching, research and banking to focus attention on issue in a lucid as well as in an authoritative manner.

Dr. Desai has wide background of research in enterpreneurial development, management, Agriculture,Rural development, savings, industry, banking, monetary economics and small-scale industries and has many opportunities with eminent economists, bankers enterpreneurs, industrialists and other authorites. His passion for knowledge has been responsible for the training of a band of young economists.

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