Basics of Banking for Freshers

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Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

Banking, world over, has been changing. India is no exception. Some factors of change are common all over the world, e.g., technological development, increasing globalization, deregulation and re-regulation, customer awareness and resultant expectations, competition and consequent pressure on profit margins etc. Some factors, however, are country-specific, e.g., in case of India, nationalization of banks, thrust on financial inclusion, difficulties of raising additional capital etc. History has shown that Indian Banking, has been able to withstand various changes in the economic environment successfully, the last being global financial crisis. But past success is not a source of comfort for future, particularly in the field of finance and banking.

Today, every bank employee needs to be strong with domain knowledge. Each and every young banker who is joining the industry needs to be fundamentally strong on Basics of Banking. Once basics are clear, subsequent add-ons will be meaningful and effective. With this end in view, "Basics of Banking for Freshers" is written. The book covers various important areas of banking like Retail Banking, Corporate Loans, Priority Sector Lending, NPA, Treasury and ALM, Foreign Exchange and Capital Adequacy Norms all in basic and primary language so as to offer freshers an opportunity to understand the concepts through self-reading. Examples have also been given. This book is expected to be of benefit for anyone new to banking, desirous of assuming leadership positions in future and developing the skills of critical and analytical thinking in order to withstand challenges of modern banking.


Contents :

1. Retail Banking
2. Corporate Loans
3. Priority Sector Lending
4. Non-performing Assets
5. Treasury and Asset-Liability Management
6. Foreign Exchange Basics
7. Capital Adequacy Norms
Some Questions

About The Author

Bijoy Bhusan Bhattacharyya is an M.A. in Economics and L.B. from University of Calcutta. He has been a Banker by profession and was with Bank of India for four decades with experience in various segments of Banking-operations, administration and teaching. He has worked in seven states of India and also in Singapore as Manager (Credit). He was a faculty with NIBM, Pune in the area of International Banking and Foreign Trade and also principal of one of the staff training colleges of the Bank.

Presently, as Dean, Banking he has been teaching Banking, International Finance and macro-economic concepts at Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool)), Mumbai for the last seven years. He has published many articles in journals of repute and written and presented case studies and also given guest lectures in various institutes of India and abroad.

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