Problems in Physics

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Book Edition : Third

Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

In this book "log" is used for logarithm to the base 10 and "/n" for those to the base "e". Student are advised to carefully go through the solved numerical problems and then solve exercises at the end of each chapter. Special emphasis has been given to the increasing role of the SI (The systems International, or the International system of Units or scientific International,abbreviated SI) Units.

All the formulae in the text and answers are in SI system. Summary of SI units for the each chapter is given in the form of table. Some tables containing physical constant are also given. The book contains many solved problems. Every chapter opens with a time - saving summary of the formulae. Problems have been selectively chosen, discussed in detail with the purpose of illustrating the underlying principle. Numerical Exercises with answers are given at the end of each chapter.

Contents :

1. Circular Motion
2. Gravitation
3. Rotational Motion
4. Oscillation
5. Elasticity
6. Surface Tension
7. Wave Motion
8. Stationary Waves
9. Kinetic Theory of Gases and Radiations
10. Wave Theory of Light
11. Interference and Diffraction of Light
12. Electrostatics
13. Current Electricity
14. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
15. Magnetism
16. Electromagnetic Induction
17. Electrons and Photons
18. Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei

About The Author

R.T. Sarode -

M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil.


Smt. G. G. Khadase Science College,

Smt. K. M. Chaudhari Arts and Commerce College,



Formerly Associate Professor of Physics,

E.S.A College of Science, Vasai Road Dist. Thane. 

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