Export Marketing

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Book Edition : Third

Year of Publication : 2019

No. Of Pages : 770

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About The Book

The book offers comprehensive coverage of the Export marketing environment, prospects and opportunities in the global context. It focuses on the firm wants to go globally, International Trade Theory, Export Business Environments − Economic, Cultural, Political, legal and Technological, Current Pattern of India`s foreign and world trade, Regional Economic integration and Protectionism, Tariff and non-Tariff Barriers, international Agreements and Agencies. Export marketing Research, Marketing Planning and Strategy formation, Foreign Exchange and Exchange Control, Institutional Infrastructure, Export-Import policy, Export Assistance, Product Planning and Decisions, Marketing Channels, Physical Distribution-Transportation, Packaging and Marine Insurance − Promotion of Export, Management of Risk and Export Financing, Multinational, Pricing for Export, Management of Risk and Export Financing, Multinational, State Trading, Quality Control and Pre-shipment Inspection, Development Exports through Correspondence, Documents for Exports and Export Procedure.

This text is presented from the viewpoint of the students enrolled in various Universities / Institutes for the Post- Graduate courses in International Marketing and International Marketing Manager. The plan of this text is a simple one. Essentially, it presents a managerial view of marketing process as it applies to the international field. This classic, best-selling text introduces the students and the practitioners of Export marketing to a systematic treatment of marketing on a global scale. Each section of the third editions of the book has been updated since the second edition was published. It is in easy to read form with all the size has been kept in view so that it can be used with maximum effectiveness in a semester course. It is latest book on Export Marketing with Indian examples.


Contents :

Part I : Introduction to Export Marketing and Environments
1. The Outlook for Export Marketing
2. International Trade Theory-Significance and Benefits of International Trade
3. Export Business Environments
4. Current Pattern of India`s Foreign and World Trade
5. Regional Economic Integration and Protectionism
6. Export Barriers Tariff and Non-Tariff
7. International Agreements and Agencies for Promoting Exports
Part II : Export Marketing Opportunity Analysis, Planning and Strategy
8. Export Marketing Research
9. Export Marketing Planning and Strategy Formulation
10. Foreign Exchange and Exchange Control
Part III : India`s Export Trade
11. Institutional Infrastructure for Exports
12. Export-Import Policy
13. Export Assistance
Part IV : Export Marketing Management
14. Product Planning and Decisions
15. Export Marketing Channels
16. Physical Distribution-Transportation Packaging and Marine Insurance for Exports
17. Promotion of Exports
18. Pricing for Exports
Part V : Special Issues
19. Management of Risk and Export Financing
20. Multinational Marketing
21. Marketing of Projects and Consultancy Abroad
22. Import Management
23. State Trading
24. Quality Control and Pre-Shipment Inspection
25. Developing Exports Through Correspondence
26. Documents for Exports
27. Processing of An Export Order-Export Procedures
I. Select Bibliography
II. Review Questions

About The Author

J. S. Rathor holds MA (Public Administration) andM.Com. degrees of PANJAB University, Chandigarh in the First Division. His major interest is Marketing (internal and exports.) He has qualified the UGC Test for eligibility requirements for Lecturship in Commerce and is a Junior Research Fellow of UGC. Currently he is pursuing his Doctoral Programme with the Department of Business Management, PUNJABI University, PATIALA.

Dr.  B. S. Rathor holds MBA from Bradley University and held a graduate Scholarship. He also took Ph.D. from PANJAB University where he is a facultymember of the Department of Commerce and business Management for the last 26 years. He has held positions in teaching, Government and industry in India and abroad. Author of 60 research papers in journals of repute, he has attended international Conferences. He won "SHRI RAM" award of the All India Management Association.

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