Consumer Behaviour

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Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

Consumer Behaviour is to play a significant role in 21st Century. As the emphasis is on mass-customerisation and designing marketing strategies to match the products and designing marketing strategies to match the products and services to the needs, moods, noods, and pockets of the consumers. This 21st century is not going to be happy with "Consumer-satisfaction"- but is certainly with "Consumer-delight". This is possible only when the marketers understand the consumers which is not an easy task. However, consumer behaviour study has provided with good many tools and techniques to solve the problems of consumers. That is why, more importance is given to the study of CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR in all the university Departments where commerce and management subjects are taught. It is a welcome step that Bangalore University has introduced this subject at BBA level.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Consumer Behaviour
2. Market Segmentation and Consumer Behaviour
3. Consumer Needs and Motivation
4. Personality and Consumer Behaviour
5. Perception and Consumer Behaviour
6. Learning Memory and Consumer Behaviour
7. Consumer Attitudes and Consumer Behaviour
8. Family and Consumer Behaviour
9. Culture and Consumer Behaviour
10. Group Dynamics, Reference Groups and Consumer Behaviour
11. Social Class and Consumer Behaviour
12. Consumer Decision Process
13. Innovations and Diffusion Process
14. Consumer Satisfaction and Consumer Behaviour
15. Consumerism and Consumer Behaviour
16. Skill Development in Consumer Behaviour

About The Author

C.N. Sontakki -

Retired Professor and Head,

Department of Commerce,

VNS Bandekar College of Commerce.

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