Environmental Management

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Book Edition : Sixth

Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

This book on Environmental Management is specially written for students of Management Science at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels of the University of Mumbai and other Universities in India.

There is widespread concern over the deterioration of the environment due to abuse of the natural resources of the earth and the spiraling levels of pollution. This is threatening the natural eco-systems of the world. One way to address this concern is to inform and educate all sections of society about the urgent imperative to conserve resource and prevent ecological degradation. The subject of environment is being taught right from school level as an adjunct to geography and biology. In colleges environment science is offered in courses of natural science and in Arts and Commerce courses, the study of environment is presented in the context of economics, demography and politics.

The approach of students of management should be to see how to implement sustainable development without unwarranted exploitation of nature. Environmental Management should focus on ways and means so to manage the environment that industrial and other development works do not become the villains of the piece.

It is with this focus that this book has been written. After a brief survey of physical geography and biology that constitute the ecology, the emphasis shifts to human exploitation of land, water and air on account of increasing human needs and industrial development.

The environment is a living, dynamic and changing entity. Its study has to be such as to appreciate its various and varied perspectives. The study of the environment must be holistic, it cannot be restricted to a region because deleterious effects are global. With this in view, many case studies are given of local, national and international issues. The need for "green" organizations is stated and the role of the environmental manager is discussed. Business organizations are releasing all over the world that to be environment friendly is the lasting way to profitability. Questions are given to stimulate thinking and provoke debate because there are no clear-cut answers to environmental issues.

Contents :

1. Environment
2. Resources and Wealth
3. Wastes Management
4. Environmental Dergradation
5. Environmental Assessment
6. Environmental Management
7. Disaster Management

About The Author

T.M. Joseph -

M.Sc., LL.B., Ph.D., B.D. Dip. Personnel Management

Ex.Principal, Wilson College,

Director, Wilson Academy of Management.

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