Sales Promotion and Advertising Management

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

Sales Promotion and Advertising Management have become specialized subjects today. The whole system of marketing management has been developing along with the socio-economic development of all the nations, and has created new avenues of economic activities to be pursued by specialists. The expanding spectrum of marketing management has given recognized birth to several visible fibers. Advertising management has become the strongest thread of the marketing web. Those operating in the areas of sales promotion and advertising so that they might effectively manage their respective activities. The present book, Sales Promotion and Marketing Management, has been designed in conformity with the syllabi for the courses in management and commerce and in advertising, and will assist students, professionals and government executives in managing their jobs efficiently and effectively.

The book has eighteen chapters. The first four chapters are related to sales promotion. The nature, concept, advantages and disadvantages of advertising have been dealt with in the next five chapters. Advertising management, beginning with advertising process and media selection to planning and control, has been discussed up to the fifteenth chapter. The remaining three chapters are devoted to advertising organization and its future in India.


Contents :

1 : Sales Promotion
2 : Personal Selling
3 : Sales Management
4 : Public Relations
5 : Concepts and Nature of Advertising
6 : Advertising and Marketing
7 : Effects of Advertising
8 : Social Effects of Advertising
9 : Ethics in Advertising and Control
10 : Advertising Process
11 : Media Selection
12 : Advertising Messages
13 : Advertising Planning
14 : Advertising Budget
15 : Measuring Advertising Effectiveness
16 : Advertising Organization
17 : Advertising Agency
18 : Future of Advertising in India

About The Author

Prof. M.N. Mishra born in July 25, 1945 is a well known Professor of Corporate Studies of Faculty of Commerce, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He has been continously and constantly devoting to the development of management and commerce education since 1967. He has presented several outstanding research papers on the management on the management organization reorganisations, strategy and psycho-marketing in USA and Canada. His research projects on banking and insurance development and potentials of small scale industries are hughly appreciated by the people of the respective areas. He has been working on the Zonal Advisory of the Life Insurance Corporations of India. His guest lectures are greatly demanded by the officials of insurance. His research papers more than 100 are available almost in all the economic, management and commerce journals. More than 20 research scholars who are occupying important and high positions in academic and administrations field. His academic personality is accepted by almost in all the Indian Universities wherein he has contributor to the cause of education in several capacities such as inauguration of Seminars, sectioned chairman, guest lecturer, selection committee member of Board of Studies / Faculties. He has been associated as founder member, Executive Member, President of many Academic Bodies e.g. Indian Academy of Social Sciences, Indian Associations of Management, All India Commerce Association, Indian Accounting Association et. He has also served several service commissions as expert advisors. He has organized National and International Seminars and has contributoed more than nine books in the areas of banking insurance, marketing, finance and human resource development.

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