International Marketing

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Book Edition : Fourth

Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

This is a book about International Marketing in the simplest and most direct form. Our goal was to write a book that explains the academic subject of International Marketing in a way that is readable, practical and timely. We want students to appreciate how valuable International Marketing activities are to organizational success.

We hope the readers would find the writing style in International marketing carefully blends International Marketing concepts and practical examples to help students grasp the essence of International Marketing. The book tries to put many of the different concepts, which are scattered throughout the literature, into one concise framework. In a sense, it constitutes a tool kit for the students of International Marketing without which he might find it different to comprehend much of the literature in the area.


Contents :

1. The Nature and Scope of International Marketing
2. Features of International Marketing
3. Need for International Trade
4. Imports and Exports of India
5. Past-Liberalisation Export-Import Policy
6. Government Regulations-Exchange Control, FERA 1973, Customer Law, FEMA (1998)
7. Agencies Helping International Marketing and Measures Taken for Export Promotion
8. Marine Insurance
9. Clearing and Forwarding of Cargo
10. Trade Practices: A Base for International Marketing
11. International Trade Agreements and Agencies For Promoting International Co-Operation
12. Trade Blocks
13. Overseas Marketing Communication
14. International Marketing in Service Sector Industry (E-Marketing)
15. Methods of Payments for Settlement
16. South-East Asian Financial Crisis and Marketing
17. International marketing Research
18. Product Development for Overseas Market
19. Multinationals marketing and Joint Ventures
20. Case Studies on International Marketing
21. Documents Used in Shipment of Goods

About The Author

J. S. Rathor holds MA (Public Administration) andM.Com. degrees of PANJAB University, Chandigarh in the First Division. His major interest is Marketing (internal and exports.) He has qualified the UGC Test for eligibility requirements for Lecturship in Commerce and is a Junior Research Fellow of UGC. Currently he is pursuing his Doctoral Programme with the Department of Business Management, PUNJABI University, PATIALA.

B.M. Jani -


Surashtra University, Rajkot.

Dr.  B. S. Rathor holds MBA from Bradley University and held a graduate Scholarship. He also took Ph.D. from PANJAB University where he is a facultymember of the Department of Commerce and business Management for the last 26 years. He has held positions in teaching, Government and industry in India and abroad. Author of 60 research papers in journals of repute, he has attended international Conferences. He won "SHRI RAM" award of the All India Management Association.

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