Marketing of Financial Services

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Book Edition : Third

Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

The present revision is a thorough updating of all facts and figures, keeping the basic framework intact. In all discussions, the conceptual side was kept in mind, before setting out the practical and operational Aspects. The coverage is comprehensively wide from the Basics to High Tech Services in the 21st century.

The Financial Services, including banking and non-banking services are the fastest growing sectors now. The recent boom of 2004-05 on the stock market was led by banking sector, followed by other services. The economic and financial reforms are continued with renewed vigour with emphasise on infrastructure, which is the backbone of the economy. For this and other reforms, the role of financial services cannot be overemphasised.

This book L, sweepingly wide, covering as it does, the financial architecture including the Regulatory, Authorities like RBI, SEM, IRDI etc., financial and non-financial intermediaries in the financial markets, alongwith a discussion on the markets, ranging from the call money market of one day to insurance market of life time saving and investments and the players the markets and the retail investors who are all covered in the discussions.

The theory and practice are juxtaposed to be useful to students in the real world. The analysis is kept simple and lucid for the average students to grasp the basics of the subject. As the reforms are a continuous process and developments in policy changes are taking place daily, the Daily Financial Press is an added advantage to the students of this subject.

The coverage of the book is so wide that it can be adopted for many subjects in Finance and Commerce streams and for both graduate and undergraduate courses in universities and colleges in India. Both domestic and foreign markets are covered as also banking and non-banking financial services and the related markets. The Financial Services, Financial markets and marketing of these services have all found a place in this book. It can be used for many competitive examinations in finance area.

The revised book is more student-friendly and hopefully it continues to receive the patronage of the students and faculty alike for many subjects in the finance area.


Contents :

1. Financial System and real System
2. Reserve Bank and Financial System
3. Savings and Investment for growth
4. Financial System-Intermediation
5. Reserve Bank as Central Bank in India
6. RBI-Organisation and Functions
7. Reserve Bank: Its Role
8. Commercial Banking
9. Banks as Intermediaries
10. Credit Cards in India (Plastic Money)
11. NBFCS-An Overview
12. Growth of Non-Bank Financial Services
13. Management of Financial Services
14. Merchant Banking
15. Mutual Funds
16. Venture Capital Funds
17. Lease, Hire-Purchase and Housing Finance
18. Credit Rating Services
19. Role Of Registrars
20. Underwriting Services
21. Marketing of Issues
22. Custodian and Custodial Services
23. Factoring and Forfaiting
24. Insurance Services
25. Mergers and Acquisitions
26. Sample Case Studies on Companies
27. SEBI and Investor Protection
28. Functions of SEBI
29. Institutional Structure in capital Market
30. Reforms and State of Capital Market
31. New Issues Market and Problems
32. Money Markets and Its Instruments
33. Securities Trading Regulations
34. Instruments of Issues and Trading
35. Stocks Market in India
36. OTCEI and NSE
37. Stock Market Operations and Functions
38. Trading in the Equity Market
39. DEBT (Gilted Securities) Market
40. Security Market Indicators
41. Interest Rates − Theory and Structure
42. Basics of Portfolio Management Services
43. Foreign Exchange Markets
44. Euro-Currency Markets
45. Exchange Risk Management
46. Exchange Management in India
47. Marketing of Financial Services

About The Author

Dr. V.A. Avadhani, is a retired Adviser in the Reserve Bank of India and a past Director of Research and Training in the Bombay Stock Exchange. He was also a former Adviser in the Hyderabad Stock Exchange.

Dr. Avadhani was Gold medalist from Presidency College, Madras and had a brilliant academic record. He has done in his M.A. in Economics from Madras University and another M.A. from Bombay University by thesis in International Economics. He also holds a Law degree, LL.B. from the Osmania University. He took his Ph.D. degree covering both economics and finance in his comprehensives, from the University of Nebraska, USA. He also holds a certificate in the CAPITAL MARKET STUDIES from the NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF FINANCE, NEW YORK, USA. He is a certificated associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers - a professional qualification for practical bankers (CAIIB).

Dr. Avadhani has vast teaching and research experience at home and abroad. He taught "Money and Central Banking" at the RBIs Bankers Training College, Mumbai. He was visiting Professor at Bajaj Institute of Management, Bombay, Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata and a number of Management Institutes all over India. He taught at the University of Nebraska on Money Management and at the 10th SEANZA, Central Banking course as a Director faculty at Bangkok, Thailand. He studied the working of the Central Banks in Singapore, Australia, and Thailand, and the stock exchanges in New York, London, Singapore, etc.

Dr. Avadhani is a prolific writer. He has authored about twenty books and published about thirty research papers in various journals and financial papers. He developed training modules for brokers and investors and many Russian brokers and international delegates were trained by him including many mutual funds staff. He is considered an expert in the areas of Finance - Capital Markets, Money and International Economics.

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