Financial Markets And Services

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Book Edition : Twelfth

Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

Financial markets have been increasingly influenced in recent times by financial innovations in terms of products and instruments, adoption of modern technologies, opening up of the market to the global economy, streamlining of the regulatory framework and so on. Similarly many innovative financial products are introduced to cater to the varied requirements of both corporate and individual customers, In the aftermath of this changing financial scenario, students of commerce and management are badly in need of a suitable text-book covering all these aspects incorporating the latest developments in the respective fields.

Realising the imperative need to bring out a suitable book on 'Financial Markets and Services' tailored to meet the specific requirements of students of many universities, a modest attempt has been made to present this edition in the hands of the academic community. The speciality of this volume is that all matters are presented in a lucid manner and in simple language, notwithstanding the technical nature of the subject. All latest developments have been covered and above all it is most student friendly. We are confident that this book will serve as a beacon light to the student community who pursue higher education in the discipline of commerce and management.

For the convenience of students, the present work is divided into two sections-section A dealing with financial markets and Section B dealing with financial services. This book owes its consummation to various distinguished personalities who have expressed their views on this subject in different books, journals, magazines and papers.


Contents :

1. The Financial System in India
2. Money Market
3. New Issue Market
4. Secondary Market
5. Securities and Exchange Board of India
6. Investors’ Protection
8. Depository System
9. Financial Services
10. Merchant Banking
11. Hire Purchase
12. Leasing
13. Venture Capital
14. Mutual Funds
15. Discounting, Factoring and Forfaiting
16. Securitisation of Debt
17. Derivatives
18. Credit Rating
19. Credit Cards
20. Practicals in Stock Market Operations

About The Author

Prof. E. Gordon did his M.Com, and M.Phil, from Annamalai University securing gold medal for his outstanding academic performance. He has got vast teaching experience of more than 36 years in various capacities and he has served as a member of the Board of the Studies in Commerce of various Universities and Autonomous Colleges of Tamil Nadu. He has been participating in national and international seminars / conferences as Paper Presenter, Discussant and Organiser. He is prolific writer having more than 20 textbooks to his credit. All his books have been well received by the academic community. His commitment to the cause of higher education particularly in the field of Commerce and Management is praiseworthy. At present, he is rendering consultancy services in the field of higher education to many higher learning institutions in India.

Dr. K. Natarajan

M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Former Principal,

S.V.N. College, Madurai


Former Director, Management Studies,

Sri Kaliswari College, Sivakasi.

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