Hospital Management

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2019

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About The Book

Managing hospitals professionally is the crying need of the hour. Quality in totality of operations is required to be avowed mission. The changing disease profiles make it essential that private as well as the government hospitals accelerate the pace of quantitative-cum-qualitative approaches. The healthcare professionals have before them the challenge of transforming the conventional & age-old healthcare various dimensions of hospital management viz., a microscopic study of behavioural management, management information system, organization and departmentation, planning, management of service profiles, management of finance, management of human resources, marketing and store management which would aid the healthcare professionals in improving the quality of decisions if they follow the prescribed world class process expertise. On the one hand, the hospitals and healthcare organisations need to promote for low-cost indigenous technologies so that the weaker sections of the society may find the services assessable and affordable.

This book throws light on the healthcare problems of the masses in Indian Perspective. The strategic decisions proposed provide scope for the poorest of the poor to harness the benefits of sophisticated developments in the field of medical sciences at low cost.

This book would be of immense use for the students Hospital Management, the hospitals promoting medical education, the medical and paramedical staff serving in the healthcare Facilities i.e., private and the government hospitals and the general public that ate interested in healthcare management.


Contents :

1. The Foundation of Hospital Management
2. Total Quality Management in Hospital
3. Hospital Management Information System
4. Management of Behaviour in Hospital
5. Hospital Planning
6. Hospital Organisation and Departmentation
7. Management of Hospital Materials and Stores
8. Management of Hospital Services
9. Management of Human Resources in Hospital
10. Management of Finance in Hospital
11. Marketing Hospital Services
12. Management of Hospital Records
13. Management of Control Hospitals
14. Rural Healthcare Management
15. Strategic Management of Hospitals

About The Author

Dr. S.M. Jha -

Formerly Professor, Department of Commerce and Business Administration and Vice-chancellor S.M. Jha, Ph.D., Litt., Professor, Department of Commerce and Business Administration, L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga, Bihar is an original thinker and a creative writer. Professor Jha has made significant contributions to the management literature in the form of papers and books. Prof. Jha has to his credit more than ninety papers published in the journals of national and international repute. He has supervised twenty-five doctoral research projects on which Ph.D. Degree has already been awarded. The noble contributions of Dr. Jha in the form of books are: Taxation and the Indian Economy, Marketing Management in Indian Perspective, Services Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Hotel Marketing, Social Marketing, Hospital Management, Bank Marketing, Marketing Non-profit Organisations and Personal Care Management.

Prof. Jha is an active member of European Society of Marketing Research (ESOMAR), The Netherlands, and Marketing Education Group (MEG), UK. He has served Frederick Institute of Technology, Nicosia, Cyprus Thrice during 1994-96 and 2003-04 as a Visiting Professor to teach MBA students of University of Wales, Cyprus Chapter. He has presented a paper entiled `Advertising Effectiveness in Social Marketing` in an International Conference organised in 1996 by the Glasgow University, Scotland.

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