Operations Research

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Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

Various techniques described in this book have been developed over a period of time, more prominently since World War II (thanks to many bright brains), but a lucid, easily understandable and comprehensive use in business hers. So that the management students and industry managers both can grasp the techniques easily and are tempted to use them, when they find it `simple to use`. Algorithms used in the book help the use of softwares in various areas of business. I am greatly indebted to many authors, whose work has been a source of information to me.

Another aspect of this presentation is the fact that the author has been a "man on the ground" a practicing manger in additions to being a teacher since 1968 and has physically used these techniques extensively for business decisions and it sis strongly recommended that these techniques be used for actual results, the financial impact on saving will be apparent. Usefulness of the book will be fully justified, if the author can help student in their comprehension and managers in their applications. So contribute to the national cause, wherever you can.


Contents :

1. Operations Research for Decision Making
2. Scope of Quantitative Techniques
3. Linear Programming - Model Formulation
4. Solution of LP Problem "Graphical Method"
5. Linear Programming "Simplex Method"
6. Goal Programming
7. Integer Programming
8. Transportation Models
9. Assignment Problems
10. Sequencing / Scheduling Methods
11. Maintenance and Replacement Models
12. Decision Analysis and Decision Tree
13. Theory of Games
14. Inventory Control Methods
15. Queuing Theory
16. Forecasting Techniques
17. Statistical Quality Control Techniques
18. Markov Chains and Analysis
19. Simulation Techniques
20. Project Planning and Network Analysis
A. List of Computer Programmes Recommended
B. List of Tables

About The Author

Prof. Anand Sharma has studied M.Sc.(Maths) at Meerut College, Meerut, done his Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University, Hyderabad and obtained Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from IIT, Delhi. He has wide teaching experience, as a lecturer and later Professor (Machanical) at CME, Pune.

He is presently the Director of International School of Productivity Management at New Delhi and is also visiting faculty to a number of management institutes in Delhi, teaching Quantitative Techni-ques, Production Management and Project Management. He has long practical experience in the area of Project Management within and outside the country, in which Capacity, Planning, Resources Management and effective control has been the main focus to achieve targets on time. He has authored many papers for National and International seminars and is on the panel of the AIMA conducting all India SINET programme (Direct Telecast Class Room Programme). He is also the member of the professional bodies like IIIE, IIMM and ISHRAE.

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