Introduction to Rural Marketing

ISBN Number : 978-93-5142-258-7

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Book Edition : Fourth

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 434

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About The Book

The revised and enlarged third edition of the book "INTRODUCTION TO RURAL MARKETING" is specially designed to meet the needs of students and executives’ engagged in sales marketing of goods and services in rural areas.

Salient Features:

- Covers the full syllabi on Rural Marketing of most Indian Universities.
- Contains new chapter on Rural marketing Research, Marketing Mix, Organised Rural Retailing, Marketing of Consumer Goods and Services, Recent Trends in Agricultural produce Maketing, Marketing of Agricultural Produce, Globalisation and Agricultural, Agricultural Inputs and Customer Relationship Management, Ethics in Sales and Marketing and Understanding the Rural Market - A Practical Approach.
- Deals with Marketing of Consumer Goods, Services, Agricultural Produce and Agricultural Inputs and Provides an Integrated Approach to Rural Marketing.
- Contains Corporate Examples, Case Studies and Photographs dealing with various aspects of Rural Marketing.


Contents :

1. Nature and Scope of Rural Marketing
2. Exploring the Growing Rural Market
3. Rural Consumer Behaviour
4. Rural Marketing Research
5. Rural Market Segmentation
6. Rural Marketing Mix
7. Product and Pricing
8. Distribution in Rural Market
9. Organised Rural Retailing
10. Rural Promotion
11. Developing the Sales Force for Rural Market
12. Marketing of Consumer Goods and Services
13. Corporate Initiatives in Rural Market
14. Agricultural Marketing
15. Defects in the Agricultural Marketing System and Lines of Improvement-Part I
16. Defects in the Agricultural Marketing System and Lines of Improvement-Part II
17. Co-Operative Marketing
18. Recent Trends in Agricultural Produce Marketing
19. Agricultural Finance and Role of Institutions
20. Agricultural Pricing
21. Globalisation and Agriculture
22. Marketing of Agricultural Inputs
23. Agricultural Inputs and Customer Relationship Management
24. Ethics In Sales and Marketing
25. Understanding The Rural Market-A Practical Approach

About The Author

R. Krishnamoorthy has over twenty-five years of professional experience in Sales / Marketing and ten years in HR. He was National Sales Manager at Sandoz Agro and General Manager (HR) at Syngenta Crop Protection.

He has written twenty-five articles on Sales, Marketing and HR, two reference books on "Introduction to Rural Marketing" and "Personal Selling and Sales Management" and two text books on HR. Further, he has revised the popular book on "Marketing Management" written by (Late) Professor S.A. Sherlekar.

A Graduate in Agriculture, he holds a Masters Degree in Marketing Management and a Post-Graduate Diploma in HR. At present, he is engaged in writing and teaching in Management Institutes in Mumbai.

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