Small Scale Enterprises (Set of 12 Volume)

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About The Book

Small-scale enterprises with strong basics, is now caught up in winds of change which are ushering in a contemporary industrial culture, business ethics, resplendent the enterprise of a new generation. Small-scale enterprises have opened their frontiers by absorbing new technology to sharpen their artistic and deepening their creativity to be competitive in the global market.

Small-scale enterprise management has assumed grater importance in the post liberalization economy. The development of small-scale enterprises is generally believed to contribute substantially to employment creation and generation of income, particularly for low-income population groups. In Indian context, management of over 35 lakh small enterprise units is to great significance and importance in the wake of emerging global competitive economy.

The Present Twelve Volume Study.

The Present study on "SMALL-SCALE ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT" comprises of twelve well-documented, integrated, comprehensive creative, and cohesive volume. Each volume dwells on a specific aspect of small-scale enterprise management in a lucid manner.

Volume 1 - Towards Industrialization
Volume 2 - Evolution and Perception
Volume 3 - Projects: Profile and Process
Volume 4 - Credit Management
Volume 5 - Credit Delivery System
Volume 6 - Promotional Schemes: Nature and Character
Volume 7 - Policies and Strategies
Volume 8 - Assistance and Marketing
Volume 9 - Production and Marketing
Volume 10 - Entrepreneurship and Technology
Volume 11 - Organization and Management
Volume 12 - Issues, Problems and Perspectives

Contents :

Volume 1 : Towards Industrialization
1. Introduction
2. Industrialization in India
3. The Role of Government
4. New Industrial Policy, 1991
5. New Economic Measures
6. Balanced Industrial Development
7. Industrial Progress Through Plans
8. Public Sector in Industry
9. Rural Industrialization
Volume 2 : Evolution and Perception
1. Introduction
2. Small Enterprises : A Historical Perspective
3. Dimensions of Economic Activities
4. The Concept of Small Enterprises
5. Evolution of the Concept in India
6. Some Aspects of Small-Scale In India
7. Classification of Small Enterprises
8. Role of Small Enterprises
9. Contribution to Area Development
10. Contribution to Employment
11. Small Enterprises in Selected Countries
12. Ancillarisation
13. Planned Development of Small-Scale Enterprises
14. Policies Governing Small Industries
15. Small-Scale Industries Policy, 1991
16. Regulations Governing Small Enterprises
17. Institutional Infrastructure for Industry in Developing Countries
18. How to Set Up a Business Enterprise?
19. Case Studies
Volume 3 : Projects: Profile and Process
1. The Industrial Spectrum
Section I - Starting A Small Enterprise
2. How to Start Small-Scale Enterprise 3. How to Start a Small Industry in Maharashtra : A Case Study
Section II - Elect Project Profiles
4. Project Report
5. Select Project Profiles
- Appendices
Volume 4 : Credit Management
1. Financial Management : An Introduction
2. Project Approach
3. Project Planning
4. Organization and Function of Financial Institutions in India
5. Capital Structure
6. Capital Investment Appraisal
7. Financial Resources : External VS. Internal
8. Project Appraisal
9. Economic Analysis
10. Distribution Cost Analysis
11. Financial Appraisal
12. Ratio Analysis
13. Liquidity Management
14. Funds Flow Management
15. Concept of Working Capital
16. Working Capital Management
17. Social Cost-Benefit Analysis
18. Profile Planning
19. Break-Even Analysis
20. Sensitivity Analysis
21. Leverage Analysis
22. Budgetary Control
23. Project Monitoring and Supervision
25. Project Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation
Volume 5 : Credit Delivery System
1. Introduction
2. Sources Finance
3. Agencies Supplying Finances to Small-Scale Industries
4. Small Industries Development Bank of India
5. Industrial Development Bank
6. National Small Industries Corporation Ltd.
7. Development Finances to Industry
8. Assistance from Sate Financial Corporation
9. State Industries Corporation Assistance For Balanced Industrial Growth
10. Bank Finance to Small-Scale Enterprises
11. Experience of the State Bank of India
12. Financial Rural Industries
13. Credit Guarantee Scheme for Small-Scale Industries
14. Lease Financing
15. Epilogue
Volume 6 : Promotional Schemes : Nature and Character
1. Introduction
2. Central Schemes
3. Consultancy Subsidy Schemes
4. Interest Subsidy Schemes
5. Schemes of Assistance by SIDBI
6. Select IDBI Schemes
7. Schemes of National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC)
8. Schemes of Assistance by SFCs
9. Commercial Bank Schemes
10. Export Credit Schemes
11. Schemes of Technology Finance and Development
12. General Schemes
13. Schemes for Women Entrepreneurs
14. Assistance to Rural Artisans
15. Support External by KVIC
16. Epilogue
Volume 7 : Policies and Strategies
Section I - National Strategies
1. Strategies for the Development of Small-Scale Industries: An overview
2. National Strategies, Policies and Measures In Selected Countries
3. Strategies for small Industry Development In Japan
4. Promotional Policies and Strategies for Small-Scale Industries in India
5. Liberalized Industrial Policy : The Dawn of the New Era.
Section II - Policies and Strategies in Selected States
6. Policy and Strategy : An overview
Section III - State Strategies
7. New Industrial Policy of Andhra Pradesh
8. Industrial Policy of Bihar
9. Industrial Policy of Delhi
10. GOA`s New Industrial Policy
11. New Industrial Policy of Gujarat
12. Haryana Towards Industrialization
13. Himachal Pradesh Towards Industrialization
14. New Industrial Policy of Karnataka
15. New Industrial Policy of Kerala
16. Madhya Pradesh
17. Maharashtra - A Premier Industrial State
18. Industrial Policy of Manipur
19. Industrial Policy of Orissa
20. Rajasthan`s Industrial Policy
21. New Industrial Policy of Tamil Nadu
22. Industrial Policy of Tripura
23. Uttar Pradesh
24. West Bengal`s Strategy
Volume 8 : Assistance and Marketing
Section I - Incentives and Assistance
1. Incentives for the Development of Entrepreneurship
2. Small-Scale Industries Promotion-Incentives
3. Central Incentives
4. Reservation of Items for Small-Scale Sector
5. Taxation Incentives
6. Institutional Incentives
7. Financial Incentives
8. State Incentives
9. GATT-Its Implication for SSIs
Section II - Incentives Provided By States
10. Incentives Provided by States

Section III - State-Wise Profile
11. Infrastructure State-wise
12. State-wise Incentives
13. Institutional Support ti Industry
Volume 9 : Production and Marketing
Section I - Production Management
1. Introduction
2. Small-Scale Sector Production : An Overview
3. Some Aspects of Small-Scale Production
4. Selection of Product
5. Product Design
6. Planning of Production
7. Optimum Size of the Plant
8. Product-mix
9. Production Control
10. Capacity Utilization
11. Cost of Production
12. Technical Known-How
13. Standardization and Development of Small-Scale Enterprises
14. Quality Control
15. ISO : 9000 Series
Section II - Marketing Management
1. Marketing Concept
2. Marketing Functions
3. The Role of Marketing in a Development Economy
4. Marketing Management
5. Product Strategies
6. Marketing Strategies
7. Distribution Channels
8. Government Stores Purchase Programme
9. Marketing Assistance
10. Price Policy
11. Sales Promotion
12. Sales Management
13. Sales Forecasting
14. Export Marketing
15. Market Research
16. Adverting
17. Role of Public Relations in Marketing
18. Marketing Audit
19. Factoring Services
20. Consumer Protection
Volume 10 : Entrepreneurship and Technology
1. Introduction
Section I - Entrepreneurship
2. Concept of Entrepreneurship
3. Growth of Entrepreneurship
4. Characteristic of Entrepreneurs
5. Importance of Entrepreneurs
6. Classification of Entrepreneurs
7. Women Entrepreneurs
8. The Entrepreneurship in Selected Countries
9. Hong Kong`s Approach to Entrepreneurship
10. Entrepreneurship Environment
11. The Entrepreneurial Environment
12. Entrepreneurial Development Strategy
13. Entrepreneurial Development
14. Problems of Entrepreneurship
Section II - Technology
15. Technology and Development
16. The Management of Technological Innovation
17. Technology-based Development Strategy
18. Technology Support to Small-Scale Industries
19. Sciences and Technology Parks
20. Conclusion
Volume 11 : Organization and Management
1. Introduction
Section I - The Organization
2. The Organizations
3. Choice of Organizations
4. Forms of Organizations
5. Performance of Organizations
6. Organizational Assistance to Small-Scale Industries
7. Industrial Organization
8. State-Level Industrial Organizations
9. Industrial Programme
Section II - Management
10. What is Management?
11. Management in Small-Scale Enterprises
12. Management Consultancy
13. Scientific Consultancy
14. Technical Consultancy
15. Planning for Performance
16. Human Resource Development for Small Scale Enterprises
17. Training in Small-Scale Enterprises
18. In-Plant Training Scheme for Educational Unemployed
19. Training of Rural Artisans
Volume 12 : Issues, Problems and Perspectives
Section I - Issues of Small-Scale Enterprises
1. The Concept
2. The Policy
3. Reservation for Small-Scale Industries
Section II - Problems of Small-Scale Enterprises
4. Problems of Small-Scale Enterprises
5. Problems of Enterprises
6. Industrial Estates
7. Districts Industries Centers
8. Closed Units
9. Procedure in Development Programmes
Section III - Sickness In Small-Scale Enterprises
10. Industrial Sickness: Concept and Magnitude
11. Studies on Small-Scale Sick units
12. Symptoms of Sickness
13. Industrial Sickness-BIFR`s Experience
14. Cause of Industrial Sickness
15. Diagnosis of Sickness
16. Information System
17. The Treatment
18. Steps Initiated
19. The Sick Industries Companies, Act, 1985
20. Rehabilitation of Sick Units
21. Refinance for Rehabilitation
22. Sick Units and Financial Institutions
23. Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR)
24. Guidelines for Sick Corporate Mergers
25. Case Studies
Section IV - Prospects for Small-Scale Industries
26. Dynamics of Small Industries
27. A Plan for the Development of Small-Scale Industries in India
28. Recommendations
29. Conclusions

About The Author

Dr. Vasant Desai has been engaged in socio-economic research and written on industry, enterpreneurial management, rural economics, rural development, financial system, banking and monetary policy in the last fifty years. Throughout this period one of his persistent interests has been the study of economic problems in their socio-political enterpreneurial cultural and socio-economic setting. He has blended his wide experiences in teaching, research and banking to focus attention on issue in a lucid as well as in an authoritative manner.

Dr. Desai has wide background of research in enterpreneurial development, management, Agriculture,Rural development, savings, industry, banking, monetary economics and small-scale industries and has many opportunities with eminent economists, bankers enterpreneurs, industrialists and other authorites. His passion for knowledge has been responsible for the training of a band of young economists.

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