Business Environment

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Book Edition : Third

Year of Publication : 2014

No. Of Pages : 218

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About The Book

It gives us immense pleasure to put forth a thoroughly revised concise book on Business Environment. This book would be of great help to those who are interested in studying the evolution of business environment in India − from the Pre-British Period to the Post-Liberalisation Era. The book has been written in simple language so as to have an easy understanding of the complex issues in India`s business environment.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Business Environment
2. Constituents of Business Environment − I
3. Constituents of Business Environment − II
4. Business Environment in India − I
5. Business Environment in India − II
6. India`s Industrial Policies in Post−Independence Era
7. Changes in Political Systems and Their Impact
8. International Treaties and Impact on Indian Economy
9. Challenges for Indian Economy
10. India`s Response to Evolving Business Environment
11. Investment Opportunities for Indian Industries

About The Author

Apexa V. Jain -

M.Com. (Business Management), M.B.A.

(Human Resource Management), M.Phil.

Dr. Khushpat S. Jain -

Associate Professor,

Ph.D. (Banking), MBA (Human Resource Management),

M.Com. (Banking and Finance), M.A. (Economic and Political Science), NET, SET.

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