Principles & Practice of Insurance

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2023

No. Of Pages : 312

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About The Book

Principles and Practice of Insurance is a wide and diverse subject. In view of the increasing scope of Insurance, it is essential to acquire a general basic knowledge of the insurance business as a whole and this should certainly be the first step to be taken by the new entrant with an insurance career ahead of him.

Because of its increasing insurance, it has become a special subject of study in Commerce and Management courses in many universities in India. This book entitled "Principles and Practice of insurance", provides a detailed coverage of Risk Management, General Insurance, Life Insurance, Fire insurance and Marine insurance in a comprehensive way, keeping mainly the interest of the undergraduate and post graduate students of Commerce and Management in view.


Contents :

1. Nature and Scope of Risk Management
2. Method of Handling Risk
3. Management of Risk
4. Nature of Insurance Business
5. Reinsurance
6. Privatisation of Insurance Business in India
7. Classification of Insurance
8. Principles of Contract of Insurance
9. Insurance Documents
10. Life Insurance
11. Classification of Life Insurance Policies
12. Assignment of Life Policies
13. Life insurance Corporation of India (LIC)
14. Marketing of Life Insurance
15. World Life Insurance Market
16. LIC Financial Services
17. Role of Development Officer
18. Role of Insurance Agents
19. General Insurance Business and Role of GIC
20. Nature of Marine Insurance Contract
21. Kinds of Marine Insurance Policies
22. Impprtant clauses in Marine Policy
23. Marine Losses and Abandonment
24. Nature of Fire Insurance Contract
25. Types of Fire Policies
26. Fire Insurance Claims
27. Miscellaneous Insurance
28. National Agricultural Insurance Schemes
29. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
30. Property Insurance
31. Motor Vehicle Insurance
32. Health Insurance
33. Cattle Insurance and Engineering Insurance
34. Public Liability Insurance
35. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA)

About The Author

Dr. P. Periasamy is one of the those Gems that surface rarely to produce the classic works in all their originally. One such is this : "Principles and Practice of Insurance", imparting in-depth knowledge, information and guidance, all that one on related field would like to enrich himself with, for enhancing his business acumen.

Having held positions of envy, he is MBA and Ph.D. and currently a Reader at Erode Arts College, with innumerable research Articles, published in Journals of repute and read at Seminars, to his credit. As a highly sought after research Guide and Supervisor, he has competently guided a good number of M.Phil and Ph.D. research scholars. For fair judgement, this book is a living testimony to his mastery of the subject.

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