CET Mathematics

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Book Edition : Seventh

Year of Publication : 2015

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About The Book

The book CET-Mathematics has been written mainly for those students who aspire to the Engineers, Technologists and Specialists in some particular branches. The arrival of our fourth Thoroughly Revised Edition of our CET-Mathematics Book is a happy occasion-in celebration. Because I am absolutely overwhelmed by the hugs response from both students and teachers. I hope that our readers will find the book to be very helpful in their studies. I have done all of my best to make the book perfect from all points of view. I would be more happy if the `Thoroughly Revised Book` Which helps you to solve critical and complex problems in stipulated time. It profess to charge up the students So that they are able to the objective Questions in different types that are being asked in various engineering entrances days by making the students master the concepts, formulae, theorems of Mathematics.

This book is for ambitious students who want to get ahead faster. A careful study of this book will make the students proficient in the methodology of solving MCQ's and boost their confidence. The new ideas like "TIME SAVING TRICKS (SHORT CUTS)" are given in each chapter, they will save your years of heard work in achieving the goals that are most important to you. If you like to succeed, there is only one simple mantra; USE HIMALAYA'S BOOKS. This book is like a road map and guide to help you get from whatever you are to wherever you want to go. This book gives you a proven method that you can use to move onto the fast-track in your study.


Book Content of CET Mathematics
Part I
P. Formulate
1. Mathematical Logic
2. Matrices
3. Trigonometric Functions
4. Pair of Straight Lines
5. Vectors
6. Three Dimensional Geometry
7. Line
8. Plane
9. Linear Programming
Part II
10. Continuity
11. Differentiation
12. Applications of Derivatives
13. Integration
14. Definite Integral
15. Applications of Definite Integrals
16. Diffferential Equations
17. Probability Distribution
18. Binomial Distribution
Part III
19. Model Test Papers

About The Author

Vidyadhar Kande Patil -


Apex Science Academy, Latur.

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