Sheikh Abdullah

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah, known as Sher-e-Kashmir` (the Lion of Kashmir) was one of the most important political figures in the modern history of Kashmir, Sheikh Abdullah was a charismatic leader, and had the following of a huge majority of Kashmiris. Sheikh Abdullah became the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, soon after its accession to India. He represented India`s case on Kashmir in UN. Sheikh Abdullah made an important speech in the shrine of Hazratbal in 1949. He lost power in 1953, but successfully came back as Chief Minister of J&K in 1975. He held this position till his death. No doubt, the Sheikh was the tallest figure in Kashmir`s political and social life. He is still respected in the state, as the builder of modern Kashmir. Sheikh Abdullah redefined freedom in a manner that appeared refreshingly new and revolutionary even, today in the 21st century.


Book Content of Sheikh Abdullah
1. An Illustrious Life
2. Political Career
3. The Invasion on Kashmir
4. Sheikh`s Removal
5. The Greatest Kashmiri
6. Builder of New Kashmir
7. Sheikh`s Historic Role in Kashmir
8. Kashmir`s Hero : an Impression
9. Changing Facets of Kashmir Issue
10. Sheikh`s Legacy
11. Significant Speeches and Statements
12. Golden Words of the Sheikh
13. Great Life at a Glance

About The Author

Dr. M.H. Syed, prolific writer and scholar in his own right, is a specialist in educational subjects. An academic to the core, he is totally devoted to research and serious writing. Of late, he has been focusing on various matters, concerning education. He has several books to his credit. In addition to the present work, he is currently engaged in a project on "Education for All." 

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