Advance Coordination Chemistry

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Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 350

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About The Book

The book has been written, keeping the postgraduate students of Indian universities in mind. It begins with the basic terminology of coordination chemistry, isomerism and variety of coordination numbers encountered on complexes. The details of symmetry and group theory are then given. The chapter in bonding starts from valence bond theory, crystal field theory and lastly molecular orbital theory. The magnetic and electronic spectral properties are given in detail in separate chapters. The reaction mechanism and the bio-inorganic chemistry is given in last.


Book Content of Advance Coordination Chemistry
1. Basic Concepts and Terminology
2. Group Theory and Its Application to Coordination Compounds
3. Preliminary Theories of Bonding
4. Electrostatic Crystal Field Theory
5. Other Theories, Stereochemistry and Distortions
6. Infrared Spectroscopy and It`s Application to Coordination Compounds
7. Magnetic Properties of Complexes
8. Electronic Spectra of Transition Metal Complexes
9. Stability of Metal Complexes
10. Bio-inorganic Chemistry

About The Author

Dr. (Mrs.) P.R. Shukla was Professor of Chemistry at Lucknow University for four decades and has a vast experience in the field of Inorganic Chemistry in particular, Coordination Chemistry and has been doing research regarding structural aspects of complexes, reaction mechanism and also Bio-inorganic Chemistry. She has some hundred research papers and twenty-five students have obtained Ph.D. under her guidance. She had visited U.S.A. under National Science Foundation Scholarship and U.K. under British Council Exchange Visitors Programme for a period of two years and one year respectively. She has written five textbooks on theoretical and practical Inorganic Chemistry. After her retirement in 2001, she has been engaged in writing a book for NET candidates and also some articles for Writers Bureau, England.

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