Economic and Business Statistics

ISBN Number : 978-93-5024-807-2

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2023

No. Of Pages : 384

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About The Book

The explanation of statistical concepts and examples given in this book are easy to understand and apply in practical situations. Exercises are prepared with different range of marks as per many university questions paper patterns. Multiple choice questions are also added in each chapter. Hence, this book is an ideal textbook to students of B.A. (Economics), B.Com., M.A. (Economics) and M.Com. degree courses and a worthy reference book to faculty members and research scholars.

This book is designed to cater to the needs of students of Economics, Commerce and Management of many Universities and Autonomous Colleges.


Contents :

Chapter 1 Nature and Scope of Statistics
Chapter 2 Statistical Survey
Chapter 3 Sampling Techniques
Chapter 4 Classification And Tabulation
Chapter 5 Diagrammatic And Graphic Presentation of Data
Chapter 6 Measures of Central Tendency
Chapter 7 Measures of Dispersion
Chapter 8 Skewness, Moments and Kurtosis
Chapter 9 Index Numbers
Chapter 10 Time Series Analysis
Chapter 11 Correlation Analysis
Chapter 12 Regression Analysis
Chapter 13 Theory of Probability
Chapter 14 Theoretical Distributions
Chapter 15 Tests of Significance
Chapter 16 Chi-Square Distribution
Chapter 17 Analysis of Variance

About The Author

The author Prof. D. Kathamba Rajan has a rich experience of teaching in Business Statistics for nearly four decades. He has also been helping the research scholars in their project works to analysis their results through statistical tools. He was lecturer in Economics at Madura College, Madurai for 2 years and Assistant Professor in Business Administration at Ayya Nadar Janakiammal College, Savakasi for 32 years. Presently, he is the principle of S.S. Duraisamy Nadar Mariammal College, Kovilpatti.

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