The Law and Literature

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Year of Publication : 2019

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About The Book

"Law is one of the principal literary professions," said William L. Prosser, and no truer or more pertinent statement can be made. For a lawyer spends as much time reading and writing during his life time as a writer. This is not to categorically state that every lawyer can become a writer and every writer a lawyer, but he demands of both profession are similar, and time permitting the two are compatible.


Contents :

Prescribed for 1st year LL.B students (5-years course)
Legal Themes in Literature
1. The Merchant of Venice
2. Joseph Andrews
3. The Pickwick Papers
4. Adam Bede
5. Puddn`head Wilson
Legal Texts as Literature
6. Apology
7. The Impeachment of Warren Hastings
8. The Great Trial
9. Roses in December
10. The Interpretation of Wills Mareva v. International Bulkcarriers
Stories of Crime: Rapid Reading
11. The Cop and the Anthem
12. Murder
No reference to the context questions will be set on Chapters 11 and 12.
Prescribed for 2nd year LL.B students (5-years course)
Legal Themes in Literature
13. Justice
14. St. John
15. A Passage to India
16. Counseller-at-Law
17. Nineteen Eighty-Four
Legal Texts as Literature
18. United States v. Susan B. Anthony (1873)
19. Plessey v. Ferugson (1896)
20. Brown v. Board of Education (1954)
21. Glyn v. Weston Film Feature Co. (1916)
22. The Supreme Court`s Judgement in the Minerva Mill`s Case
Stories of Crime: Rapid Reading
23. The Greek Interpreter
24. A Jury of Her Peers
25. Glossary of Legal Terms and Maxims

About The Author

 Dr. Shakuntala Bharwani majored in English Literature, standing first at the MA examination of Calcutta University in 1968. She received her PhD degree from Bombay University in 1973.   

Dr. Bharwani’s area of specialization is the twentieth century novel, on which she has continued to write, research and guide students. She has taught at the Elphinstone College, and is currently Professor of English at the Government Law College, Bombay.   

Dr. Bharwani studied at the Exeter College, Oxford, on a British Council Fellowship and again visited the UK on a British Council Visitorship. In 2001, she was a Visiting Fulbright Teacher to the USA.She has edited two Anthologies for college students: The Best Words and the Best Order (Macmillan). Her novel Lost Directions (1996) was published by Orient Longman.   

Dr. Bharvani is married and has one daughter. Her collection of essays on Indian Writing in English is due for release shortly.

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