Mass Communications and Media Studies

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Several thousand newspapers and magazines, several several hundred general entertainment and other channel of satellite TV, broadband internet connections on computers, about 350 million cellphones, almost a thousand plus movies every year-all this reminds us that we are in ICE Age-the age of information, communication and entertainment.Many career opportunities have been thrown open by a booming media business. Mass communication have scaled the Himalayan height. It is the time to capture the excitement, the novelty and vibrancy of this field between the covers of a book. This book treats mass communication and media in a kaleidoscopic manner, that is to say to cover all the patterns and designs of media and its uses.It spins around the pivotal place the media occupies in the beginning of the new millennium. Communication has become PanIndian and globalas it is soaked in universal values.


Book Content of Mass Communications and Media Studies
1. Basic Concepts of Mass Communications
2. Media Selecion, Planning, Scheduling & Strategy
3. Print Media
4. Electronic Media-TV
5. Electronic Media-Radio
6. Media of the new millennium-Internet
7. Outdoor and Transit Media
8. Celluer Telephones
9. Cinema and Films
10. Non- traditional Media
11. Print Production
12. TV Commercial / Film Production
16. Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
17. Production of Animation Films
18. Marketing Research
19. Public Relation
20. Media Personalities

About The Author

S.A. Chunawalla has degrees in commerce, pharmacy and management. He has taught the marketing related subjects to the students of the BBA programme of Sardar Patel University, Vidya Nagar. At present he is a communication consultant in Mumbai. He has guided present he is a communication consultant in Mumbai. He has guided research projects of many management students. Some of his books such as Product Management are very popular with the students all over the country.

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