Business Communication

ISBN Number : 978-81-8488-529-3

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2019

No. Of Pages : 388

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About The Book

This text takes a hands on approach. Its innovative module structure allows students and instructors to focus on specific skills. While grounded in solid business communication fundamentals, this book takes a string workplace-activity orientation.

As you read this book, you will discover many ways to overcome communication barriers and make your communication powerful and effective. Through numerous example and cases you will examine different communication situations and a variety of techniques for effective communication.

Since every communication situation is unique,this book attempts to give you the tools to determine the best strategy in a given situation. That is why this book repeatedly urges you to examine the communication situation-the subject, the purpose, and the audience-so as to identify the most suitable way of conveying your message.


Contents -

1. Fundamentals of Communication
2. Non-verbal Communication
3. Listening
4. Interpersonal Skills
5. Negotiation
6. Interviewing
7. Group Communication
8. Making Presentations-Getting Started
9. Organizing and Presenting the Speech
10. Letter Writing:Writing about the routine and the Pleasant
11. Writing about the Unpleasant
12. Writing to Persuade
13. Communication for Employment-Resume
14. Communication for Employment-Application Letter
15. Writing Effective Memos
16. Structure and Layout of Letters
17. The Framework of Report
18. Writing the Report
19. Managing Data and Using Graphics
20. Review of Writing Skills
21. The Case Method of Learning
Annexure-I: Strategies to Answer During Interviews
Annexure-II: Transactional Analysis

About The Author

Dr. Rajeesh Viswanathan is a Senior Faculty in the Dept. of International Business, School of Management at Pondicherry Central University, Puducherry, India. He teaches Organizational Behaviour, Cross-cultural Management, Leadership and Organizational Development. He has also authored 09 books and co-authored two books in the HR and Management. His books in the area of management and HR are highly sold and are used as referrence text book in the leading universities like Pondicherry Central University, University of Mumbai, Anna University, etc. He has focused his research interests on conflict, employee engagement, leadership issues, team performance, performance management system; behavioral decision making; and the development of interpersonal skills. He is also a management consultant and has done consultancy project and evaluation studies for Government of India and Puducherry. He has two decades of teaching and industry experience in USA and India.

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