Biotechnology in Plant Science

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

Biotechnology is the fastest growing and most rapidly changing subject which has created a number of new opportunities for the upliftment of human society. Besides traditional knowledge of life sciences, it produces its roots in different field of sciences and also in public health and geological explorations. The importance is so wide that Government of India has established separate branch of science. (Department of Biotechnology) and the authorities of different Universities started to open a new discipline for B.Sc. M.Sc./ M.Tech. programmes in theh`curricula.

The present book is designed:to give the basic knowledge of biotechnology to under and post-graduate students. There are 10 Chapters. The first few chapters is a approach to understand the relation of biotechnology with other branches of sciences and the basic principles used in the beginning of biotechnology. The rest of chapters are developed for the different methods used for training the students in different fields. The last chapter is the key of biotechnology where an idea ofbiotechnological spectrum is discussed with glossary.

Book Content of Biotechnology in Plant Science
1. Introducing Biotechnology
2. Cell Biotechnology
3. Microbial Biotechnology
4. Enzyme Biotechnology
5. Environmental Biotechnology
6. Biotechnology of Nitrogen Fixation
7. Genetic Engineering
8. Agricultural Biotechnology
9. Biotechnological Approaches
10. Other Applications of Biotechnology

About The Author

N.C. Kumar

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