Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2012

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About The Book

This book emphasizes on greater clarity and understanding of the concepts, methods and application of research techniques and statistical tools. The approach is broad based covering the interests and requirements of researchers and students in different braches of knowledge in social sciences, humanities, commerce and management. The special features of this book include more illustrations, greater coverage and, in-depth analysis and explanation of the topics.

Book Content of Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis


Chapter 1. Foundations of Research
Chapter 2. Social Science Research
Chapter 3. Types and Methods of Research
Chapter 4. Planning of Research
Chapter 5. Introduction to Statistics and Measurement
Chapter 6. Sampling
Chapter 7. Methods of Data Collection
Chapter 8. Tools for Data Collection
Chapter 9. Processing of Data
Chapter 10. Graphs, Charts and Diagrams
Chapter 11. Statistical Analysis of Data-I
Chapter 12. Statistical Analysis of Data-II
Chapter 13. Statistical inference and tests of hypothesis
Chapter 14. SPSS Package
Chapter 15. Report Writing


About The Author

Dr. D. Obul Reddy -

M.Com, Ph.D.


Department of Commerce,

Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Prof. Krishnaswami is an eminent scholar and a writer. He has a rich academic background and has specialised in general management, co-operative management, finance and banking. Be has contributed over 100 papers to leading journals, has conducted and yided many research projects, and has participated and presented papers in many regional and national seminars. He has directed several workshops on methodology of research.    He was on the Working Group on Research and Extension appointed by the Ministry of Education and Youth Services, Government of India in 1970, and on the Working Groups on Agricultural Finance, and the Special Working Group on Commerce Education, Tamil Nadu Planning Commission during 1971-93. He worked as a visiting research consultant in Hasanuddin University, Indonesia during 1972-73 under a programme sponsored by the ADC, New York.     

He introduced M.B.A. and other management programmes in Bangaiore University and Master of Go-operative Management programme in Gandhigram Rural University. He is associated with academic bodies of several Universities and Professional bodies.     

After serving as Professor and Dean Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, Bangalore for a decade and half, Dr. Krishnaswami was working as Visiting Professor in the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute ofScience, Bangalore For three years. Currently he is an adjunct Professor of Management in National University, San Jose, U.S.A. His publications include: Essentials of Commerce, Co-operative Democracy in Action, Co-operative Account-keeping, Co-operative Audit, Administrative Handbook for Co-operative Department, Methodology of Research in Social Sciences, MBO, the Concept and Methodology, Fundamentals of Co-operation.

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