Entrepreneur Development

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Year of Publication : 2019

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About The Book

Entrepreneur is presently at the crest of popularity. In India a large number of people are seeking entrepreneurship as career option. Increasing number of eructated youth, are getting attracted towards entrepreneurship and are setting up their business ventures. The management schools have also focused their attention to entrepreneurship and the art of creating a new venture.

The management studies should realize that in this dynamic, fast changing and competitive environment the corporate organization are looking for business leaders rather then manager of yore years. The managers have to train themselves as `Intrapreneurs`-Entrepreneurs within the constraint of the organizations. Hence, there is a full chapter on Corporate Entrepreneurship.

"Intellectual Property Rights" Knowledge of intellectual property rights has become essential for all entrepreneurs marks, Geographical indicators and copy rights. It will assist the entrepreneurs in being on the right side of the law and developing IPR strategies for their ventures.

The chapter on "Barriers to Entrepreneurship" includes barriers to specific groups particularly `women` and Minorities.


Book Content of Entrepreneur Development
1. What is Entrepreneurship
2. Entrepreneurial Values and Attitudes
3. Creativity, Innovation and Idea Generation
4. Entrepreneural Motivation
5. Environmental Barriers
6. Women Entrepreneurship
7. Intrapreneurship
8. Stages for Starting a New Venture
9. Franchising
10. Entrepreneurial Buy-Ins
11. Marketing Concepts for Entrepreneurs
12. Operations Management
13. Financial Management
14. Sources of Finance
15. Human Resource Management and Legal Aspects
16. Intellectual Property Rights
17. Problems of New Ventures
18. Institutional Support For New Ventures
Integrated Case Study-1
Integrated Case Study-2
Integrated Case Study-3
Integrated Case Study-4
Integrated Case Study-5
Success Stories
Feasibility Report-1
Feasibility Report-2

About The Author

Dr. Satish Taneja -


Banaridas Chandiwala Institute of Professional Studies,

New Delhi.

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