Accounting for Management

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Book Edition : Fifth

Year of Publication : 2023

No. Of Pages : 890

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About The Book

Accounting for Management discusses the concepts and principles of financial accounting, cost and management accounting for the purpose of preparing accounting statements and reports and their uses in planning, control and business decisions. It provides a comprehensive coverage of topics useful to business managers, management graduates and professionals. Written in a clear, concise and logical manner, the book focuses on how to use accounting information to measure and evaluate business performance and take business decisions.

The book is intended primarily for those who are pursuing MBA and other specialized management programmes in Indian Universities and Management Institutes. It will be equally useful to those who are concerned with developing requisite knowledge in financial and cost and management accounting for managerial competence and success in business world.


Book Content of Accounting for Management
1. Financial and Management Accounting: An Overview
2. Accounting Postulates, Concepts, Principles
3. Accounting Equation and Transaction Analysis
4. Accounting Mechanics I : Journals
5. Cash Book and Subsidiary Books
6. Accounting Mechanics II: Ledger Posting and Trial Balance
7. Bank Reconciliation Statement
8. Errors and Their Rectification
9. Preparation of Financial Statements: Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet
10. Depreciation Accounting
11. Inventory Valuation
12. Statement of Changes in Financial Position (SCFP)
13. Cash Flow Statement
14. Financial Statement Analysis
15. Nature of Cost Accounting
16. Cost : Concepts and Classifications
17. Materials Control
18. Labour Cost Accounting and Control
19. Overheads : Distribution
20. Job, Contract Batch Costing
21. Process Costing
22. Service Costing
23. Marginal (Variable) Costing
24. Alternative Choices Decisions
25. Standard Costing
26. Budgeting
27. Responsibility Accounting, Divisional Performance Mesurement and Transfer Pricing
28. Activity-Based Costing (ABC)
Appendix - Cases

About The Author

Dr. Jawahar Lal has been a Professor in Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. He also served as Head, Department of Commerce, and Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Business, University of Delhi. Earlier, he has taught at Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi, He possesses forty-four years of teaching and research experience. He has been associated with teaching of postgraduate commerce and management courses and imparting dissertation and thesis guidance to students of M.Phil., Ph.D., MIB, and M.H.R.O.D. Programmes.   

Dr. Lal is the member of many academic and professional bodies, is on the Editorial Board and Review Board of many reputed journals, member of Board of Studies and Research Committees of Indian Universities, member of Indian Commerce Association and Indian Accounting Association. He has been conferred with IAA Fellowship award 2007 for lifetime dedication to the Accounting Education and Research.   

Dr. Lal has contributed sixty papers in reputed journals and has presented papers in fifty national and international conferences. He has also chaired technical sessions in many conferences. He has written over a dozen reputed books. 

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