Book of Mathematics (First Year PUC)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5051-991-2

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Book Edition : Ninth

Year of Publication : 2023

No. Of Pages : 982

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About The Book

The present edition is written as per the latest syllabus (core curriculum) of Karnataka PU Board. In penning this text book, an effort has been made to make the readers to feel that learning Mathematics is an enjoyable experience. This will enable them to develop confidence in solving the problems on their own to achieve excellence in PUE Board examination and in CET. 


  • Readers-friendly.
  • Stepwise approach.
  • Highlighting the concepts through problems.
  • NCERT problems are solved at appropriate places in each chapter.
  • Each chapter dealt from the beginning in detail (in particular Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry chapters).
  • Alternative approach to solve problems.
  • Tips to answer objective type questions (Time Saving Results).
  • Over 1750 solved problems and nearly 1500 exercise problems.
  • Double colour printing.
Book Content of Book of Mathematics (First Year PUC)


PART − I A : Sets and Functions
      Chapter 1 − Sets
      Chapter 2 − Relations
      Chapter 3 − Functions
PART − I B : Trigonometric Functions
      Chapter 1 − Angles and Their Measure
      Chapter 2 − Trigonometric Functions
      Chapter 3 − Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
      Chapter 4 − Trigonometric Functions of Compound Angles
      Chapter 5 − Transformation Formuale
      Chapter 6 − Trigonometric Functions of Multiple and Sub-multiple Angles
      Chapter 7 − Trigonometric Equations
PART − II : Algebra
      Chapter 1 − Mathematical Induction
      Chapter 2 − Complex Numbers
      Chapter 3 − Quadratic Equations
      Chapter 4 − Linear Inequality

About The Author

G.K. Ranganath -

Formerly Professor of Mathematics AES National College,

Gauribidanur - 564 208.

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