Corporate Governance and Organizational Performance

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Year of Publication : 2012

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About The Book

This book makes a comprehensive attempt to explain the concepts of corporate governance, details the perspectives from cross-sections of people citing the definitions for corporate governance. The third chapter brings out the significance of corporate governance debating and validating the need for companies to follow good governance. This is followed logically by an outline of the models prevalent in India, with comparative models prevalent across the nations. The literature review briefly brings out the empirical research studies that have found strong relation between good governance and good financial performance.

There has been a sincere attempt to design a statistical model to validate the hypothesis that good governance leads to good financial performance. The highlights of the findings clearly justify that companies well governed enjoy a better market capitalization over the companies that are not so well governed.

This hook is being written keeping in mind the needs of the practitioners, management students and researchers who seek knowledge on conceptual and practical information on the corporate governance practices.

Book Content of Corporate Governance and Organizational Performance
1. Introduction
2. Defining Corporate Governance
3. Corporate Governance − Need and Significance
4. Corporate Governance − Systems and Mechanisms
5. Review of Literature
6. Research Methodology
7. Data Analysis − Part I and II
8. Research Findings

About The Author

Dr. Shanti Suresh was conferred with a Ph.D. Degree in Management by University of Mumbai for her thesis on Corporate Governance. She has four postgraduate degrees to her credit, Master`s Degree in Business Administration, Financial Management, Philosophy and Commerce. She was awarded research fellowship by the University Grants − Commission of India to pursue her doctoral studies. She has published numerous papers and made presentations at conferences, national and international. She is a widely acknowledged faculty in the field of Corporate Governance, Finance and Entrepreneurship Development. She has 20 years of experience in academics alongwith good exposure to industry through Corporate Training programs. Currently she is with the S.I.E.S. Institution.

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