Quantitative Analysis - II

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Year of Publication : 2015

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About The Book

It gives us a great pleasure indeed to place before the sagacious and discernible reading community are the first edition of the book "Quantitative Analysis". Tumkur University had aptly described the present disciple in view of the fact that the modern agile students should have the exposure of quantitative treatment of qualitative phenomenon. The business decisions need to be made on the strength of quantitative facts. The Simple and easy understanding of the complex business situations can be made possible through the quantitative analysis and interpretation of any scenario

In the current cross-border trade scenario, the use of quantitative analysis is more pronounced than yesteryears. The discipline quantitative analysis enables the student to acquire analytical, divergent, lateral and convergent thinking. The book is made simple, lucid and clear for the purpose of facilitating the students to understand the concepts of correlation and regression analysis, index numbers, interpolation and extrapolation, ratios and proportions and commercial arithmetic. Umpteen number of simple, moderate and complex problems on the above concepts have been systematically solved and provided to the students. The book is apart from the normal caravan or bandwagon of the innumerable titles, in that it provides skill development components on comparing and correlating data, index numbers, interpolation and extrapolation, bank statement using simple interest and compound interest.

The reading community can make use of the present edition of Quantitative Analysis. The errors might have crept in inadvertently, the readers are requested to provide us with constructive suggestions for the further improvement of the book. The contents provide the value for your money.


Contents :

1. Correlation and Regression Analysis

2. Index Numbers

3. Interpolation and Extrapolation

4. Ratios and Proportions

5. Commercial Arithmetic

Skill Development

About The Author

Prof. M. C. Roopa M.Sc., M.Phil, (Ph.D.) hails from Bhadravathi, town of Shimoga dist. Karnataka having the socio-economic background of rural Karnataka. She toiled and moiled to come to the current position and established herself as a dedicated committed and visionary professor of Mathematics and Statistics. Constantly she helps the students on imparting Mathematics and Statistical education especially to the below average and hapless students in the society. Her penchant for writing and presenting textbooks of this stature received wide acclamation among teachers and students community. The Professor is a prolific writer. The business Statistics books authored by her for Bangalore University have been well accepted by the reading community for the lucidity, comprehensiveness and coverage. Professor M. C. Roopa has to her credit more than two decades of teaching experience. The Ph.D. program is almost completed and that provided her with a colossal research acumen and exposure. The author has presented articles in national and international seminars / conferences / workshops.

Dr. B. Chandrashekara, hails from a small village in Hassan District and marched forward considerably to carve a niche in the field of business education in India. He has toiled and moiled to reach the self-prophecy of becoming an established teacher in the field of Commerce and Management. His strenuous and hard work fetched him a place as a matured professor. He has to his credit M.Com, (Rank Holder), MBA, MTM, M.Phil, and Ph.D. He is an accomplished author for Commerce and Management disciplines. He has authored over 15 books on Commerce and Management disciplines already. He has presented and published several research articles in the National and International Conferences, Journals and Magazines. He has been guiding research scholars for their M.Phil and Ph.Ds. His areas of interest covers Taxation, Research Methodology, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, International Finance, Financial Management, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting and the like. He is a former Treasurer of Karnataka Government College Teachers` Association. He worked as Professor and Head of the Department of Commerce and Management, Maharani`s Arts, Commerce and Management College for Women, Bangalore, a NAAC accredited `A` Grade College. Currently working as Professor in PG Department of Commerce and Management, Government R.C. College of Commerce and Management, Bangalore. He is a resource person visiting several B-Schools in India. E-mail: [email protected]

Dr. K. Ramachandra, has to his credit M.Com.(Rank Holder), MBA., DPM & IR, LLB., and Ph.D., and over two decades of teaching and research experience in the field of Commerce and Management disciplines. He was a High Court Advocate with strong base and exposure on business, taxation, and I PR trade laws. He has produced several Ph.Ds and M.Phils. He has published several International Research Papers in Journals, Magazines and Newspapers of Global Repute. Currently working as Professor and Head of the Department of Commerce and Management, Maharani`s Arts, Commerce and Management College for Women, Bangalore, a NAAC accredited `A` Grade College. A prolific writer and received wide spread acclaim for his power brand books - Services Management, International Finance, Indian Constitution, International Business Laws, Marketing, Research Methodology and the like. He also holds the position of Presidentship of Bangalore University Teachers` Council of Commerce and Management. He is a resource person visiting several B-Schools in India. He is a known personality among the teaching and student community. Formerly he worked as Professor and Head of the Department of Commerce and Management, Government Boys`College, Kolar, as mark of rural service. E-mail: [email protected]

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