Business Organisation and Management

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 590

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About The Book

This is a text written exclusively to help B.Com students of Delhi University learn the essentials of Business Organisation & Management. The text offers a rich repository of contemporary knowledge, time-tested principles, basic concepts, and evolving theories, emerging ideas, latest techniques. ever changing procedures and practices in the field of Business Organisation in a lucid way. It is a student-friendly text in every sense of the term since it takes a refreshingly fresh view of the subject − keeping the unique requirements of students in mind. To contain boredom and eliminate monotony, the author has made a sincere attempt to present the subject matter in a novel and unique format. There are several other meritorious features that differentiate the book from other texts existing in the market currently:

  1. Focus on clarity, clarity and clarity : The subject matter has been presented in a simple, easy to understand language. Every attempt has been made to maintain easy readability and quick comprehension
  2. Extensive use of examples : Suitable examples have been extensively used to convey the meaning of a topic in an interesting manner.
  3. Showing the door to jargon : There is no use of jargon, definitions, and unnecessary elaborations anywhere in the text. Instead there is great emphasis on clarifying the topic through corporate insights, real life incidents and company experiences.
  4. Most recent data and research evidence : Every attempt has been made to present only latest information - using research evidence to elaborate a point wherever possible. Care has been taken to cite only the most recent events and relevant information.
  5. Both sides of a coin : Wherever required. the plus and minus sides of a controversial topic have been advanced with a view to make the student look at both sides of a coin with an inquisitive mind.
  6. Surgical operation to cut the excess fat : The present work reflects a serious attempt to cut the excess fat in a ruthless fashion. Before carrying out the surgical operation, the author has taken valuable feedback from students as well.


Contents :

1. Specification of Business Activities
2. Manufacturing and Service Sectors
3. Globalisation, Liberalisation and Privatisation
4. Multinational Corporations and India Transnational Corporations
5. Franchising and Network Marketing
6. Business Process Outsourcing
7. E-commerce and M-commerce
8. Setting up a Business Enterprise
9. Forms of Business Ownership
10. Small Business
11. Business Size and Location Decisions
12. Plant Layout, Mass Production and Mass Customisation
13. Productivity, Quality and Logistics
14. Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
15. Financial Management
16. Human Resource Management
17. Approaches to Management
18. Contemporary Management Thinkers
19. Environmental Analysis and Strategic Planning
20. Growth Strategies
21. Decision-making
22. Contemporary Organisational Formats
23. Motivation
24. Leadership
25. Communication
26. Concept and Process of Control
27. Modern Control Techniques
28. Management of Strategic Change
29. Knowledge Management
30. Learning Organisation Question Papers
Question Papers

About The Author

Dr. V.S.P. Rao is a gold medalist at undergraduate and post-graduate level(s). He has authored and co-authored 15 books and has dozens of articles, papers, research publications to his credit. He has been awarded several government research grants to pursue studies in the fields of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour.

Dr. Rao has conducted several training programmes for executives on behalf of reputed companies in India. A Fellow of Institution of Managers and BIMS, a former Director of MIM, Lucknow as well as Hyderabad and a former Professor at IMT, Ghaziabad. He is currently pursuing research in the areas of HRM, OB and General Management.

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